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373, Broadway street
San Francisco, California
T. +1.495.3939000

Daniel Patterson, one of Identità Golose’s new faces, is the chef and owner of Coi in San Francisco, opened after launching Babette's in Sonoma, his first restaurant: it was 1994 and he was just 25 years old. At the turn of the century he moved to San Francisco and opened Elisabeth Daniel. Six years later and here we go: 2006 it's Coi time. Today, he’s courted everywhere in the world because he’s witty, demanding and a good writer as well as a great chef.

Daniel will be in Milan because he realized very well, before others, that times were changing, that the crisis was not only economic but, just because of her severity, it would invest so many aspects in daily life. «Nothing will be the same again», they say using a cliché. But it's true because today there’s a more popular attention to ecology, a strong demand for authentic products and tastes that good is no longer such, in a vision just for her own sake.
We are living a situation similar to the one of few years ago, with precious and rare animals: furs were rejected by many women not because they suddenly became ugly but because «we don’t want to wear death».

Thus, Daniel grasped the need in the kitchen to redefine the same concept of luxury related to goodness, by giving birth to a new way of seeing the good side of a recipe. On one side it resembles Slow Food and on the other Ferran Adrià when assuming as cardinal points that «each ingredient carries the same gastronomic value, regardless of his cost». There’s no rich or poor product, but only good or bad ones and today caviar is “bad” and tomato truly tasting of a tomato is good, is a rarity, it’s the perfect example of Luxury of Simplicity. The real problem is to explain well all this to people, to tell them the world of study and hard work that lies behind that tomato and Patterson is exactly doing this. Haute Cuisine as it came today starting from Escoffier is dead and the new one makes its way with completely different images and sacredness.

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