Mandarin ice, kumquat, angostura bitters

Daniel Patterson

12 pieces Frozen Meringue
Mandarin-Vodka Gel and Puree
Mandarin Ice
3 kumquats thinly sliced and seeded
Murray River salt

Frozen Meringue
200g egg whites
20g sugar
2.4g angostura bitters
Salt to taste

Mandarin-Vodka Gel & Puree
400 g mandarin juice
100 g vodka
Salt and lime juice to taste
7.9 g sheet gelatin for siphon, softened in cold water
9.5 g sheet gelatin for gel, softened in cold water

Mandarin Ice

1/2 Liter mandarin juice
lime, citric acid, salt to taste



Frozen Meringue
Mix all ingredients.
Season with salt.
Pour into a chilled siphon.
Charge with 2 NO2 chargers.
Spread thickly onto a frozen half sheet tray lined with parchment paper.
Immediately freeze in -10 degree freezer until hard
Once frozen, dice into ½” squares on a frozen cutting board.
Place immediately back into freezer.

Mandarin-Vodka Gel & Puree
Mix all ingredients except gelatin
Season to taste with lime and salt
Separate seasoned juice in half

Heat a small amount of the first half of the juice, add 9.5g gelatin, and stir to dissolve.
Add gelatin mixture back into juice
Cool in a metal bowl set in an ice bath. When set, refrigerate.

Heat a small amount of the second half of the juice, add 7.9g gelatin, and stir to dissolve.
Add gelatin mixture back into juice
Cool in a metal bowl set in an ice bath
Once liquid is fully set, add to a cold siphon bottle
Charge with 2 CO2 chargers and refrigerate

Mandarin Ice

Place a shallow metal pan in -10 deg C freezer
Season mandarin juice with lime, citric acid and salt.
Pour the seasoned liquid into the frozen metal pan
Place in a freezer for 45 minutes
After 45 minutes, use a cold fork to break up the ice
Repeat steps 4 and 5 until ice is firmly frozen into semi-coarse, crunchy granules

Place 3 pieces of diced meringues in the center of a frozen bowl
Place 3 small dots of mandarin puree between each meringue
Place 3 small pieces of mandarin gel on top of and around the meringue
Add 8 slivers of kumquat to the gel
Cover with a thin layer of mandarin ice
Sprinkle a few grains of Murray's pink river salt on top