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A small winebar with a small kitchen and lots of good things. A new place in Rome

The counter of Bancovino, a winebar recently opene

The counter of Bancovino, a winebar recently opened in Via Pietro Borsieri 27 in Rome, tel. +39.06.87673864. You can lean on the long counter when choosing among the many bottles of wine, available for you to buy, together with many other products. Italian-Argentinian chef Adrian Venturi prepares tasty and simple dishes

Bancovino is a small and intimate place with around twenty seats at number 27 in Via Pietro Borsieri, in Rome, in an area which is becoming a rather lively point of reference in the capital, a place where those who are looking for an undiscovered wine or gourmand product can find satisfaction.

Adrian Venturi, Emanuela Pistoni and Emanuele Fioretti

Adrian VenturiEmanuela Pistoni and Emanuele Fioretti

Bancovino is most of all what the name recalls, that is to say a long counter (banco) on which you can lean (but there are a few tables too) in order to choose one of the bottles of wine that fill the walls together with many other different products. All of these are on sale, like in a normal shop. There are bottles of Champagne, local wines (such as the original Merlot and Syrah by Cantine Lupo, of the Rosa di Cesare winery in Campoverde, in the province of Latina). There are also jams, oil, vinegar, honey and much more. Everything is carefully selected, choosing only quality brands. You can notice this even when you look at the delicatessen-style fridge-counter where you can find some unexpected salami and cheese ready to be cut and served, such as Stefano Masanti’s Brisaola or the uncommon Strachitunt.

The couple of young and resourceful managers who are behind the birth of this place, which occurred some three months ago, is formed by Emanuele Fioretti, passionate about good food from around the world and committed in the organization and the development of Bancovino (a brand and a concept which has the ambition of branching out to other places) and by Emanuela Pistoni, the daughter of one of Italy’s main cheese selectors (Bruno Pistoni). On top of being a cheese expert, she’s also a sommelier. In fact, on the very shelves of Bancovino you can also find Bruno Petroni’s latest book, edited together with his daughter; its title is “Le parole del Formaggio” (16 euros, Edizioni Estemporanee) and it is an encyclopaedic glossary with over 700 cheese-related words.

Plenty of small great dishes

Plenty of small great dishes

But there’s more. To help the two there’s also a brilliant Italian-Argentinian chef, 37-year-old Adrian Venturi, who takes care of the kitchen from which hand-cut tartares are served, together with cold dishes, salads, carpaccios, small cocottes with Salted codfish and potatoes, or with Polenta and oxtail, gourmand sandwiches, assortments of cured meats and cheese, terrines, soups and delicious dishes to pair with the wine. Everything is prepared using the same products that are available on sale at Bancovino. The location is lively and it is perfect for meetings and discussions among its different guests. This is partly thanks to the inevitable mingling that happens when you sit by the counter, or because of the intimate closeness between tables and chairs in the dining room. In the summer, however, there should be an outdoor extension to the winebar, on Via Borsieri, with a few extra seats.

Meanwhile, this is a place to keep in mind, thanks to its original offer, its high quality raw materials, the fun managers or simply if you want a commendable lunch break, with Marinated beef with soy and a daikon and radish julienne, or a sandwich with swordfish, and a raspberry and rocket salad vinaigrette. As for the wines, the choice is incredibly wide.

via Pietro Borsieri, 27


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