In the dining room for love

Ludovica Rubbini, from Bologna to Cortina, to nourish the talent of husband Riccardo

Riccardo Gaspari and partner Ludovica Rubbini, the

Riccardo Gaspari and partner Ludovica Rubbini, the former from Cortina d’Ampezzo, the latter from Bologna, chef and dining room lady in the interesting agritourism El Brite de Larieto ("The mountain top among the larches", tel. +39.368.7008083), not far from the road that from Cortina to Passo Tre Croci

I was born in Bologna in 1985, in a family of “Emilian-lifestyle” lovers: homemade pasta was a domestic rite, especially on a Sunday, and we had a lively and noisy way of considering human and family relations - so frank it was almost impudent, an innate happiness. I’m the second of three sisters and, perhaps, the most rebellious too. I started visiting Cortina as a tourist, when I was very small and, also because of this, years later, after becoming a true resident, I notice its virtues and its limits too.

I met Riki (chef Riccardo Gaspari, Editor’s Note) and, stubborn as I am, I wanted to conquer him at all costs. I did it! Together we’re powerful, our activities are funded on this very strong, symbiotic tie. He approached the kitchen almost by chance, but we knew from the start that he had a hidden talent, like a rough gem. In the evening, we would go to sleep and together we’d read recipe books until late at night. I strongly incited him into continuing and not abandoning his passion. He took the reins of the family restaurant-agritourism El Brite de Larieto.

I stood beside him in this challenge and I added my skills: I took care of a radical change in the looks of the restaurant, based on the idea that an agritourism shouldn’t necessarily have paper tablecloths and a fast service, and that tourists or guests arriving here, at 1,600 metres, tired and curious, should find a cosy place ready to welcome them with warmth and appreciation for what’s typical. I live in a beautiful village which, however, has the complexities of a mountain place, where sometimes changes are seen with suspicion, but I try all the same and continue on my road.

The Gaspari family

The Gaspari family

In 2011 our fantastic girl was born, and she made me understand how time changes and it is necessary for things not to stop. I believe it is very important to grow and bring something new in our profession. We turned a rural building into Cortina’s dairy factory, Il Piccolo Brite, point of sale included, a real high-flying food boutique, with local products obtained from the cows in Cortina. Next came the summer picnic formula, an immediate success: we offer baskets with bread, cheese and cured meat, with an artisanal beer, a yogurt and a cover, to couples and families who then sit on a large lawn surrounded by larches, overlooking Cortina. Tourism in Cortina is changing, it needs to become young, and I believe this slightly sporty choice is in the right direction.

I love my job very much, and I love doing it with my husband. I would like to make people understand that with will, commitment and love you can make miracles. I always want to evolve, and make those who come to visit us happy: our clients need to feel they are unique and totally cuddled. Most of all, we mustn’t bore them. In life, I want to "succeed".


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