Donato Marzolla the Londoner

After many years at Rossellinis in Ravello, the maître was called at hotel Baglioni

Donato Marzolla spent 16 years at Rossellinis, the

Donato Marzolla spent 16 years at Rossellinis, the restaurant inside Palazzo Avino, the luxury hotel in Ravello. Thanks to his work, in 2014 Identità Golose awarded him as maître of the year. This was the reasoning: "He has the uniform and the approach of a proper maître: a deep knowledge of wines (and not only wines), the right, never imposing recommendation, and the irony that helps solving even the most intricate situation in the dining room"

It is now clear to everyone that we live in a world in which everything is questioned, in which in order to move on you need to show what you’re made of and you can’t rest on your laurels. In Italy especially, you need to elbow your way all the time, and only if you manage to stand out from mediocrity you can expect a better future for your family and yourself. And this is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago.

One fine day, the telephone rang. It was a friend from London calling me, offering the opportunity for an interview for the prestigious Baglioni hotel in London, where they were looking for a restaurant manager. In other words, it was the typical news that can turn everything upside down, changing all certainties in your life even further.

A short while later I was doing a real interview in English, on the telephone, with the human resources manager who then invited me to spend a few days in London as their guest.

Donato Marzolla as a tourist in his new town

Donato Marzolla as a tourist in his new town

While this was happening, however, in my life there was already another job, in one of the most beautiful establishments in the world, Rossellinis, a splendid place, with a very close-knit staff, which I had created in the sixteen years spent together. So I asked for the advice of the person who knows me best: my wife. Speaking about it together with decided to leave.

After two intense days and various interviews I smoothly passed, they told me they needed me immediately, I was to start right away, basically. So as soon as I returned home I summoned the family for a meeting, with my children too, aged 11 and 8. Looking them in the eyes I realised that I had to take the decision that would ensure a better future for all the family.

I told my previous employer and then, with lots of problems and anxiety, I told the people at Baglioni in London that I was ready to accept their offer. For a few years now I had been thinking about my future, where my job could take me and my family, yet being a “humble worker” it’s always easy to question yourself and try to take a further step in the restaurant industry.

The experienced Londoner
The experienced Londoner
Professional satisfaction was never missing during my 16 years at Palazzo Avino: from the star with Anthony Genovese, to the two Michelin stars conquered with Pino Lavarra, until the new star with De Leo. And then, the icing on the cake, the prestigious award as Best Maître in Italy according to Identita Golose 2014.

All this could be enough to rest on my laurels but I want more and more and since as a child I dreamt of becoming a hotel maître I’m happy I have succeeded. The possibility of fully becoming a food and beverage manager is now my main goal. I like challenges and trying to bring back Baglioni in London to the old standards, with lots of ideas, is a big incentive and helps me to improve.

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Donato Marzolla

from Brindisi, he has worked for many years on the Amalfi Coast, as maître at Rossellinis in Palazzo Avino. In 2014 he started working in London as restaurant manager at Hotel Baglioni, then he returned home with the same role at Borgo Egnazia, in Savelletri di Fasano. In 2014 the Guida di Identità Golose nominated him best restaurant manager of the year. He has worked and still works on many projects around the world 

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