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The focus on the under-35 chefs participating in the Grana Padano project continues: it is now the turn of Giorgio Rapicavoli

Giorgio Rapicavoli is the chef at Eating House in

Giorgio Rapicavoli is the chef at Eating House in Miami: 28 year-old, originally from Italy, Rapicavoli is one of the finalists in the Taglio Sartoriale Internazionle - The New Generation project created by Consorzio di Tutela Grana Padano. On Tuesday February 11th six emerging chefs will “compete” in front of a jury of experts for the title of Grana Padano Testimonial thanks to which they will participate in Identità New York 2014

Eating House in Miami is the restaurant where every day young chef Giorgio Rapicavoli, of Italian origins, presents his cuisine, rich in creativity but also in inspirations coming from his previous experiences. He’s only 28 but has already lots to tell.

His curiosity for the world of chefs began while watching the television programs that made him become closer to an imaginary that is not different from the one he experienced at home: his Italian mother represented a fertile soil for a young man like him who realized this profession followed his vocation and inclination, together with a passion that led him from playing in the kitchen at five, to a Culinary Arts course at Johnson and Wales University. Ropicavoli’s desire to take the field was so strong that he decided not to finish his studies and found a job in one of Miami’s restaurants. A short while after he was part of Adam Votaw’s team at Atwater on Gore Creek, and then became executive chef at 660 at the Angler’s – a position he held for three years.

6 emerging chefs, one ingredient: Grana Padano

6 emerging chefs, one ingredient: Grana Padano

As the US chef himself likes to tell, a the trip to Italy left a unique mark in his career, finally convincing him that he must become a chef. In Piedmont, where he was originally from and where some of his relatives still live, he had a chance to participate in Terra Madre the event organized by Slow Food within Salone del Gusto. This was the chance to work side by side with famous chefs such as Ferran Adrià, Alice Waters and Joshua Viertel. Once back in the States, Rapicavoli participated in Chopped, a TV series, and was the first chef from Miami to win.

The Taglio Sartoriale Internazionale project represents for him the real chance to make his talent known outside of the United States and to put himself to the test with an ingredient such as Grana Padano which, given his Italian origins, is already a part of his gastronomic and cultural heritage. Today, Ropicavoli’s objective is to continue his cooking philosophy at Eating House while conquering the jury of experts with his recipe: “Bresaola” made with beetroot, black pepper cream, Grana Padano, grilled lemon and extra virgin olive oil. Save the date, then: Tuesday 11th February on the occasion of the tenth edition of Identità Milano, when Rapicavoli will compete for the title of Grana Padano 2014 testimonial together with 5 more young emerging chefs, coming from Japan, Germany, France and Russia.

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