Olive oil cocktails

From Molito to Oli-Spritz, extravirgin olive oil becomes the ingredient of beautiful cocktails

Frozen Oil, one of the protagonists of Frantoio To

Frozen Oil, one of the protagonists of Frantoio Torretta’s Bar à Huile in Battipaglia (Salerno). The Aperitivi Dop by Maria Provenza and barman Jan Bruno Di Giacomo also include “oily” versions of Spritz, Molito and Frozen Oil Radicchio. Next event on Sunday 30th June

Dress rehearsals for the summer: imagine a hot summer night refreshed by a pleasant breeze, among trees and flowers, with finger food recipes created by a young starred chef and a glass of Molito. Indeed, this is not a typo, but one of the olive oil based cocktails that are going te be the protagonists of Frantoio Torretta’s Bar à Huile in Battipaglia. The trees mentioned above are in fact olive trees, and the tables are made using ancient millstones and other farm tools.

After last year’s success, and the 2013 preview given on the occasion of Strade della Mozzarella, the Aperitivi Dop are back, once again, in Maria Provenza’s oil mill. And this time, on top of the olive oil cocktails created by barman Jan Bruno Di Giacomo – among which are “oily” versions of Spritz and Mojito or Frozen Oil Radicchio (radicchio, dop extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sugar syrup and ice) – there will also be the finger food created by Vitantonio Lombardo (Locanda Severino in Caggiano) and Olio Taste, a space where guests will be able to test their olive oil tasting skills. «I wanted to find a unexpected way of talking about extra virgin olive oil, offering it in a more original way so that people can perceive it differently» says Maria Provenza, who inherited the old family oil mill founded by her grandfather in 1960.

Oli-Spritz cocktail

Oli-Spritz cocktail

Don’t let Maria’s discreet look and calm voice deceive you: she’s one of the most determined olive oil producers in Italy, and follows every smallest aspect of the process with rigour and precision. The oil mill, which was completely renewed two years ago, is sleek even during the processing and the machinery is equipped with the best vanguard technology. «I started off by helping my father, who took over after my grandfather in 1974 and still helps me in the oil mill. It wasn’t easy, we even had our fights because he would not accept some of the changes I wanted to make. For instance, he didn’t want to use a mechanical mill, he was afraid that the olive growers who brought their olives here would not trust its use. I insisted, however, that we use it at least for our olives and when people noticed the results, everyone followed».

The four olive oils produced – obtained from the Rotondella, Carpellese and Frantoio varieties that grow on the centennial olive trees scattered in various plots owned by the family or by selected growers on the hills between Battipaglia, Montecorvino Rovella, Serre and Eboli – are all excellent. Diesis Dop Colline Salernitane, top oil chosen by many chefs and pizza-chefs, is produced with oils picked exclusively during the first 10 days of October; it strikes thanks to its harmony and elegance despite the intensity of the fruity and herbaceous notes, with pleasant hints of green tomato, and a good dose of bitterness and spice.

Maria Provenza

Maria Provenza

Dedalo Dop Colline Salernitane and Dafne Bio Dop Colline Salernitane, both produced with olives picked from October 10th to November 20th, are slightly more delicate and also balanced while Dione – produced with olives picked until the end of November, has a more delicate fruity character and a sweeter taste. To enjoy them fully, visit the oil mill where on June 30th the first Aperitivo Dop will take place, to be repeated on July 18th, August 2nd and September 12th. For info and reservations: info@oliotorretta.com.

Frantoio Squadrilli

Themes and characteristics linked to extra virgin olive oil, told by Luciana Squadrilli


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