Scallop, beetroot mousseline sauce, Menton lemon sauce and "Buddha's hand"

Mauro Colagreco

For 4 people

4 scallops
3 raw beetroot
20 ml of balsamic vinegar
3 confit lemons (scored and blanched for 7 minutes, then marinated for 3 months with the juice of three more lemons, 300 g of coarse salt and 400 g of sugar)
½ a white onion
½ l of cream
1 “Buddha's hand” lemon
bitter cress
1 celeriac
olive oil
unrefined salt


For the confit lemon cream
Gently soften the chopped white onion in the butter. Add the torn rind of the confit lemons. Cook until they start to fall apart, pour in the cream, cook for 5 minutes and mix until you obtain a nice fluid cream; add salt to taste.

For the beetroot mousseline sauce
Cook the whole beetroots with the skin in a steam oven; when cooked, peel them and blend them finely, add the balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil; add salt to taste.

Cut some very fine slices of "Buddha's hand" lemon and blanch to soften them.
Cut the celeriac into round slices and glaze them in the butter.

Place a small amount of beetroot mousseline sauce in the middle of the plate and lay the celeriac round on top of it; trace a teardrop of lemon cream by the side and drop a few bitter cress leaves onto it.
Toss the scallops in the frying pan with a little olive oil and dress them with the unrefined salt. Place the scallop on the celeriac with the fine slice of lemon by the side.