Pohorje beef "sandwich"

Tomaž Kavcic

100 g of Pohorje beef fillet
10 dried oak leaves
extra virgin olive oil
walnuts and hazelnuts
unrefined salt
1 carrot
1 celeriac
0.2 l of beef stock
2 cl of white wine


Chop the dry oak leaves with the unrefined salt. Place the walnuts and hazelnuts in infusion in the olive oil for 5 minutes. Then drain, to obtain a flavoured oil. Brush the meat with the flavoured oil and season with the salt obtained.

Take 2 pieces of "fir" wood and close them like a sandwich, with the meat in the middle between the oak leaves. Tie everything together with some string. Cook in the oven at 75 °C for about 30 minutes, until the heart reaches 56 °C. Take off the heat and serve directly, opening the "sandwich" at the table. Pour the stock mixed with the wine over the meat.

To accompany the meat, serve the raw vegetables, dressed with the flavoured oil.