Lamb's liver wrapped in cacio and egg

Peppino e Angela Tinari

For 4 people

For the lamb's liver
400 g of lamb's liver (in one piece)
2 eggs
150 g of grated fresh cow's milk cheese
½ l of milk
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

For the braised onion julienne with honeydew
100 g of golden onions
1 dl of white wine
30 g of honeydew
10 g of butter

For the garnish
minted lamb gravy (made with bones, flavouring and an infusion of freshly chopped mint)
saffron bread (made with 1 kg of flour, 15 g of brewer's yeast, 20 g of salt, 30-40 saffron stigmas infused in 600 g of milk)


Divide the liver into two parts and open it in half. Leave it in the milk for half an hour, drain and dry thoroughly, then salt it. Meanwhile, beat the eggs, add the grated cheese and a pinch of pepper. Distribute the mixture obtained on the two pieces of liver and wrap in cling film to form a sausage. Steam at 90° C for 25 minutes. When cooked, fry quickly in a pan with some oil.

For the onion julienne, melt the butter in a pan, braise the sliced onion, add the white wine and vinegar. Leave to evaporate, add the honeydew and a pinch of salt and allow to thicken.

Cut the liver into 8-10 mm thick slices and serve with the onion garnish, toasted saffron bread and a drizzle of minted lamb gravy.