Salmon spinosini

Moreno Cedroni

For 5 people

Salmon sauce
25 g of extra virgin olive oil
30 g of smoke salmon
16 g of chopped onion
20 g of cream
40 g of fish stock
20 g of lemongrass stock

Coconut and lemongrass sauce

100 g of fish stock
4 g a ginger cut into rounds
6 g of lemongrass bulbs cut into 4
11 g of lime (about two rings)
2.5 g of anchovy "colatura"
50 g of coconut milk, whisked to mix the fatty part with the watery part
6 g of lime juice

Red turnip mayonnaise
25 g of blended sweet turnip
1.2 g of xanthan
75 g of water
15 g of egg white
10 g of smoked salmon
5 g of raspberry vinegar
3 g of lemon juice
25 g of sunflower oil


Salmon sauce
Place the oil in a pan with the smoked salmon cut into cubes. Fry gently until the flavours mingle into the oil. Add the chopped onion and mix with the salmon for a few minutes on a low heat until it starts to colour. Then add the fish stock, lemongrass stock and cream.
Cook 30 g of spinosini for 4 minutes and mix with the sauce. Chill. Mix well to absorb most of the sauce, make 40 g mounds and place the remaining pieces of salmon on the top.

Coconut and lemongrass sauce
Place the fish stock in a pan with the ginger and lemongrass quarters, and boil. Filter and add the "colatura", coconut milk and lime juice.

Red turnip mayonnaise
Place the blended turnip, xanthan, water, egg white, smoked salmon, vinegar and lemon in a blender. Blend and drizzle in the olive oil.

Heat the past nest to about 30 °C, place the marinated salmon pieces on top and decorate with the red turnip mayonnaise and lemongrass sauce. Finish with a sprinkling of yuso powder.