Renata Braune

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San Paolo
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Eclectic, volcanic, irrepressible, dancer: Renata Braune is the locomotive of a well-advanced gastronomy on the way to development. One of the few female members of Abaga, the Brazilian association of high gastronomy, her wide actions catalyze the energies of a nation.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1964, Renata loves cooking since she was a baby, when she used to stare at women in the kitchens, trying to make her own recipes.
After studying pedagogy at Università Pontificia Cattolica, in 1989 she made her cooking debut, being nominated quality supervisor in São Paulo’s restaurant In Città. Two years later, the turning point: professional gastronomy will definitely be in her destiny. She started on classical bases: 2 years spent in the School of Cordon Bleu, a timeless temple of classicism, gave her the way to strategic experiences in Paris restaurants such as Fauchon and La Varenne. In 1995 she came back again to wash her toque inside the Seine river in order to fill the pastry and bread gaps at Lenôtre school.

Awarded with the best fish recipe at the Toque d’Or, the most important cook prize in Brazil, later she wore the pastry-sorbet crown of Buontalenti d’oro in Rimini together with Frederico Jardim Samora.
In the meantime she started siding cooking art learning about wine, writing bestsellers titled O que é Gastronomia and O que é Enologia, managing the contents of the popular website Vinho e Gastrobomia and also training in karate!
«Europeans don’t know the flavor of our fruits, born and matured in Brazil and picked up at the right time. Salty ice cream is a special way of cooking, that requires a sum of haute cuisine technique», she says about the lesson she’ll held on the Identità Golose’s stage.

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