White turnip, buffalo ricotta and puntarelle cannolo, langoustines and their consommé

Andrea Aprea

For 4 people

2 long, thick white turnips
400 g of buffalo ricotta
300 g of puntarelle
1 kg of langoustines (about 140 g each)
400 g of langoustine consommé and paste

For the langoustine consommé
2 l of water
750 g of langoustine shells
100 g of celery
100 g of white onion
100 g of fresh tomato
150 ml of dry white wine
2 g of white pepper
2 bay leaves
25 g of chervil
25 g of dill
25 g of chives

For the slices of white turnip
Using a mandoline vegetable slicer, cut 4 14 x 10 cm slices of turnip

For the ricotta and puntarelle filling

Blanche the puntarelle in boiling water, dry it, cut it into 0.5 cm strips and toss it in a pan with garlic, oil and chili pepper. Add the ricotta, salt and pepper, and heat. Spoon the mixture into an icing bag.

For the langoustines
Clean the langoustines and eliminate the shell. Gently fry the flesh with garlic and thyme and set the shells to one side for the consommé.

For the langoustine consommé
Combine all the ingredients, bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hour, then filter and reduce for another 15 minutes. Cool the liquid obtained, place it in a vacuum and freeze it at - 18 °C. Once frozen, take it out of the vacuum and wrap it in a sheet of muslin. Put the frozen block on a perforated tray inside a container. Place in the fridge at 4 °C for 24 hours so that it defrosts slowly, extracting the liquid that has formed inside the container and trap the impurities in the sheet of muslin.

Fill the cannoli with the ricotta and the puntarelle, and place in a shallow bowl. Lay the halved langoustines on top, with some puntarelle tips and pour over the hot consommé.