The Costardi brothers's Menu

04-05-2015 | 12:30 e 14:00

On Mondays and Tuesdays, at lunchtime, the extraordinary Italian chefs of the Contemporary Italian Chef format will be on the stage: the best in fine dining in two very delicious events.

The opening is dedicated to the most famous brothers in our cuisine, Christian and Manuel Costardi, from Cinzia - Da Christian e Manuel in Vercelli. This is what Gabriele Zanatta says about them: «Their story is a passionate one, a holy fire rising up from the paddies, recalling cinematographic scenes of seductive rice harvesters or farmers fighting with mosquitoes, leeches and water snakes. Christian and Manuel Costardi’s resolution is quite similar: they keep proposing the most appetizing Italian ingredient, filling their menu with 25 risotto recipes at once and never with the appalling “for no less than two persons” requirement».

Manuel e Christian Costardi

Manuel e Christian Costardi