Cucine del mondo - Victoire Gouloubi

04-05-2015 | 05:00 PM

“Cucine del mondo” is a format dedicated by Expo to international cuisine. This is the way we prefer to call it, instead of the usual “ethnic cuisine”, a definition that often recalls a poor quality cuisine, based on deep-frying, uncertified ingredients and indigestible dishes.

Withint the “Cucine del mondo” format you will find chefs from all over the world, who brought their ability to Italy – first to Milan and Expo 2015, but not only here – and who know how to serve the typical specialties of their countries, presenting us new flavours and aromas.

Like Victoire Gouloubi, born in Brazzaville, Congo, in 1981. She has been living in Italy for many years now, and here she found a husband and a happy life, also because she has been able to open her own restaurant in Milan – it is called Victoire, opened last year – after working in other restaurants. Her cuisine is actually pretty Italian, because Victorie started cooking in Congo for her family, but she became a professional by studying and practicing in Italy.

But, at the same time, in her dishes you can find also elements of her country of origin: «There are dishes you can always find in my restaurant. Such as Plantain prepared in various ways, according to the desires of my client. Or a sort of maltagliati, made with Saka Saka, that is to say tapioca leaves. I stew them, then cream them with different vegetables and mix them with corn flour so as to obtain something similar to gnocchi. I then cook them and fry them with spinach and pancetta».