IG2023: ladies and gentlemen, the revolution has been served


Identità di Gelato is back at the Congress: here are the speakers who will talk in Milan on the 28th of January

Three lessons held by passionate interpreters of the art of gelato-making: Paolo Brunelli, Stefano Guizzetti and chef Paolo Griffa

The protagonists of Identità di Gelato 2023, on

The protagonists of Identità di Gelato 2023, on Monday 28th of January from 3.15 am in Sala Blu 1 at MiCo Milano Fiera in Via Gattamelata 1. Paolo BrunelliStefano Guizzetti and Paolo GriffaTO REGISTER, CLICK HERE

Less than a month until the 18th edition of the Identità Milano Congress, which at MiCo in Milan, from Saturday 28th to Monday 30th January, will welcome on the stage of the different rooms all the most important protagonists of our industry from Italy and – after the years in which Covid dictated times and actions – a large selection of international guests too. 

Among the lessons in which Identità Milano will be structured, this year too we will have Identità di Gelato, the in-depth analysis dedicated to signature gelato, a field that is growing each year in terms of volumes and more. On top of the numbers, it’s important to point out that ice cream makers and their audience are paying more and more attention to themes like quality, original recipes capable of portraying the area where the ice cream maker works, seasonality and, without any contradiction, the deseasonalization of gelato.

After going to Senigallia in September for an event entirely dedicated to gelato and ice cream makers (here is the summary of that exciting day, signed by Marialuisa Iannuzzi), this time we’re meeting in Sala Blu 1, from 3.15 pm on Saturday 28th January, the opening day of the congress. With three prominent speakers whom we’re presenting today.


3.15 pm

Gelateria Cioccolateria Brunelli - Paolo Brunelli Combo - Senigallia

An experienced ice cream maker but also a voracious and passionate explorer of alternative journeys in the world of contemporary ice cream making, Paolo Brunelli is a real point of reference; every time he participates in Identità di Gelato, and he’s a constant presence, he charms the audience presenting new and original projects. This year the ice cream maker from the Marche, a great friend of everyone at Identità Golose, also had to prove his tenacity and inner strength after the disastrous flood that hit the region of Senigallia in September. His lab and shop in the centre of town were seriously hit by the flood, so much so that he couldn’t even open during the Christmas holidays. We’re waiting for him in Milan with even more affection, on top of our curiosity to learn the topic of his talk.

4 pm

Gelateria Ciacco - Parma and Milan

Stefano Guizzetti, the ice cream maker owner of Ciacco, two shops in Parma and one in Milan, in the space of a few years has become an unquestioned protagonist of artisanal gelato in Italy. His passion for research, for the chemistry of ice creams (a topic he analysed in his dissertation at the faculty of Agriculture), leads him to take always new challenges, and find new solutions to bring in his recipes flavours, aromas, scents and textures that can surprise, but also charm in the simplest and most immediate way, thanks to his capacity to experiment without ever losing sight of the main goal: flavour. In 2020 he participated in our congress and presented aged gelato, which included a pear with mould, injected with penicillium candidum, with a rancid pear sorbet inside (here is how the lesson went). And what is he going to do this year?

4.45 pm

Caffè Nazionale - Aosta

Paolo Griffa, born in Piedmont but based in Valle d'Aosta for a few years now, has recently conquered a Michelin star only two months after opening his new Caffè Nazionale, in Aosta, which he opened after ending his experience at restaurant Petit Royal inside the Grand Hotel Royal e Golf in Courmayeur (where he’s still acting as consultant, supporting the culinary offer of the hotel). He’s a chef, not an ice cream maker, but he is also, and perhaps most of all, an excellent artisan of flavours, whether sweet or savoury, with impeccable technique. The new establishment allows him exactly this, to be eclectic, to show the many facets of his passion for cooking, pastry making, chocolate and gelato too. In his recipes he always finds space for aesthetics and an almost playful lightness: on the stage of Identità Milano 2023 we will discover his new projects. 

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

IG2023: ladies and gentlemen, the revolution has been served

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