Francesco Sposito

Taverna Estia

via Guido De Ruggiero, 108
Brusciano (Napoli)
T. +39.081.5199633


Born in 1983, Francesco Sposito is really young but old enough to climb the steps of a gastronomic Campania that year after year appears to be felix in the verdicts of the guides. He’s almost a volcano in the shade of the Vesuvius: magmatic, telluric, plenty of risks and surprises for everyone. His adventure began a bit as a joke side by side with his father, Armando, first chef at Taverna Estia, who in 2002 stopped being a teacher to follow what was his passion all along. «At home, everyone thought I was crazy», he says; but the problem must be genetic if everyone followed him.

Among them, Francesco: after a short phase in the dining hall and a taste of university, the toque became a life-choice. So he began to reconnoitre restaurants, in order to delve into those science-fiction techniques everyone was talking about: liquid nitrogen, vacuum, cold chain... In 2001 it was the turn of the great Alain Passard, master of spices that today he orders from France together with the butter from Normandy; but one year later he’s struck by Igles Corelli, and the talent in Francesco explodes: the lesson from Trigabolo arrives to Brusciano. Understanding others’ creativity, however, stings his fantasy and ambitions: time is ripe for his own cuisine. Having hidden in the drawer his taralli and mandolino repertoire, in 2005 Francesco starts to run the kitchen and a couple of springs later a Michelin star strikes him on the head.

He’s only 25 but the ideas already stand out clear: the restaurant needs to be an experimental workshop, where territory is distilled in new sensations. An unusual avant-garde for these latitudes. Francesco, however, wasn’t the only creator of the Taverna’s success: at his side there’s his brother Mario, a graduate from the University School of Economics in London, passionate sommelier, in charge of the dining room and hooked on management; without forgetting their beautiful girl-friends (Elena in the kitchen and Viola in the dining room) and Margherita, their mother, lady of the house. Even the herbs and vegetables have a family air, cultivated as they are in the family’s manor farm.

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