Marco Radicioni




via di S. Cosimato, 14a
00153 Roma

Marco Radicioni, born in Rome in 1971, after catering school arrived in the gastronomic world and worked at hotel Excelsior in Rome and in various restaurants. He approached gelatos in his adulthood, and started to have fun making homemade gelato first with a Simac and then with a DeLonghi and finally transforming this passion and opening Otaleg in 2012 in the area of Colli Portuensi, in Rome.

His gelatos are hardly conventional, starting from the vertical machine used to make gelato, a model that was popular between the Sixties and Seventies; he loves observing the precise moment when the mix becomes gelato, with a texture of its own, which is neither solid, liquid or gassy, and works with the goal of «not making pistachio-flavoured gelato but an iced-pistachio, preserving the characteristics of the ingredients and giving them a different shape and temperature, going against the rules of balance». The fact he doesn't have the classic gelato background, allows him to overcome the procedural limits of the old school, made of technical recipes and balances, and overcome the traditional balances.

After opening in Colli Portuensi he then went to Paris for three years; in 2018 he opened a new location in Via San Cosimato in Trastevere. The quality of his gelato is also based on the meticulous research of artisanal ingredients. His work method, which is characterised by a strong variability because of the ingredients used or his personal desire to change the recipe, has become a point of reference for colleagues who want to do avantgarde and with whom Marco exchanges ideas in a joint constant growth.

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Luca Sessa

born in Naples in 1975, he's now based in Rome. Journalist, presenter and moderator, he's a graduate in Statistics and a freelancer collaborating with various national publications. In 2018 he founded Radio Food Live, the first Italian web radio that covers every aspect of the wine and food world