Antonia Klugmann

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

L'Argine a vencò

Dolegna del Collio (Gorizia)


She was born in Trieste, but she's never worked in Friuli's chief town. Antonia Klugmann feels, by all rights, an adopted Friulan. The cuisine she proposes is in fact linked to the territory of the restaurants where she's worked (and will work), but also to her personal memories of raw materials and ingredients. This is a constant research of new pairings and sensations, not a revision of tradition.

Antonia has demonstrated with her stubborn determination that she is, in every sense, a true Friulan, having well assimilated the peculiarities of the people from Friuli Venezia Giulia. Cooking has always been her passion, and she entered the gastronomy world when she was studying Law at the Università di Milano. However, after passing a good number of exams, the sparkle that would definitely change her life arrived. After attending general cooking and patisserie courses at the Altopalato school, she decided to abandon her studies and become a chef. She thus began a period of apprenticeship during which she spent 4 long years behind the stove of the Harry's Grill in Trieste, guided by chef Raffaello Mazzolini, and then worked as an intern in many Italian restaurants.

The experience has to stop due to a car accident that forces her to stay still for a long time, almost a year. Increasingly enthusiastic about the food universe, in 2006 she decides to open, together with her partner Romano De Feo, the Antico Foledor Conte Lovaria in Pavia di Udine. Seasonality and vegetables are fundamental, two constant elements in her creations. Antonia also starts to participate in various events: in 2009 she's shortlisted as Miglior chef emergente del Nord Italia, best emerging chef in Northern Italy, she wins the emerging chef tournament in the 2009-2010 season of TV programme La prova del Cuoco and participates in Paolo Marchi's taste laboratory organised during the Ein Prosit event in Tarvisio.

On top of being in love with her work, she's also passionate about sailing: she's Adv instructor at the Centro velico Caprera. On September 2011 the curtains fell on her restaurant at the doors of Udine: Antonia moved to the Ridotto in Venice for a few months but in the spring of 2012 she will start working in her own kitchen, once again. On spring 2013, the beginning of a great adventure: Venissa, on Mazzorbo Island, Venice. And, finally, on december 2014, "her" own restaurant, L'Argine in Dolegna del Collio, near the Slovenian border.

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For many years a reporter for Messaggero Veneto, he’s passionate about gastronomy and aviation, especially Frecce tricolori