Antonello Colonna

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Antonello Colonna

via di Valle Fredda, 52
00030 - Labico (Roma)
+39 06 9510032


From the country to the city and back: Antonello Colonna’s was a model, successful story. After closing his legendary «red door» in Labico, symbol of the restaurant that made him famous, he went off and conquered the Capital, turning Open Colonna into one of the most visited venues in the city, thanks to a breathtaking location, a bright two-story rooftop area inside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. In what became the first haute cuisine restaurant in an Italian museum, the food was always perfectly spot-on, a tightrope between Roman tradition and curiosity, with a flawless service.

Because Colonna is not just a chef. An entrepreneur devoted to art and beauty, with his visionary soul he was able to design a high-tech cathedral in the Roman countryside: a dream called Vallefredda, the beautiful postindustrial resort that made him go back to his Labico. 

He is also a man who does not like to stop: with this spirit, in 2019, and after 12 years of success, he decided to close Open Colonna Rome, to embark on a new, ambitious adventure with Open Colonna Milan, an eclectic and dynamic restaurant inaugurated in October 2019.

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