Daniel Berlin

Krog i Skåne

Diligensvägen, 21
Skåne Tranås


Making a clear and decisive route away from the monotonous and creativity inhibiting world of large scale fine dining kitchen, Daniel Berlin struck out on his own two years ago. Away from cities, away from glamorous koncept restaurants, away from klichéed power dining – to find his own way. In a seemingly small world (but actually much larger, from the perspective of freedom, quality of produce and tranquility) out in the miniscule village of Skåne Tranås. He quickly transformed the run-down traditional village restaurant into a nation-wide culinary attraction and destination.

With the help of his loving parents, who serve the food (with country side panama straw hats on their heads!) in the pared down but refined and slightly arty dining room. Developing close and exclusive relationships with local farmers, hunters, fishermen and foragers, young chef Daniel Berlin now advances his culinary style in the comfort of what could be described as a home. Lightness, clarity, simplicity and striking boldness represents his current style, rooted in the finest local ingredients.

Oxtail, braised and plucked lengthwise, served with petals of red onion, is a signature dish, along with smoked cod throat. Just like raspberry tartar, mashed at the table, with milk skin flarn and herbs, are just two out of many naturally naive but beautiful little tasters of what is next to expect from this thorough and highly disciplined young independent chef, far out in the country side of southern Sweden. Local fish, game and mother-grown vegetables are the humble staples of his larder, but the plates are always artistic, colourful and visually striking. Natural wines and champagnes accompany every dish, specially selected by his good friend Pontus Elofsson, head sommelier at Noma. Daniel Berlin is only open for six months of the year, when the big lightbulb in the sky can shine upon his guest in the garden, for the amuse bouches made from opulent vegetables.

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