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Gran Bretagna
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There’s no doubt that Angela Hartnett is one of the best-loved British chefs (with Italian origins however) of the last decade. After launching Amaryllis in Scotland with Gordon Ramsay, in 2001 she opened a brief parenthesis at Verre in Dubai. Then she returned to London and launched M E N U and the Grill Room of the Connaught Hotel. In 2004 she already held a Michelin star and was protagonist of her mentor’s TV series Hell’s Kitchen.

2007 was the year of an award from Buckingham Palace and of her first book, Angela Hartnett’s Cucina: Three Generations of Italian Family Cooking, a best seller which reveals her relationship with her Italian grandmother, a real celebration of the tastes and consistencies of Italian food. In 2008 came the moment of Murano, a restaurant which earned a Star in next to no time: it came with La Rossa 2009. 2011 marked the start of a one-woman adventure: no longer as part of Gordon Ramsey’s team. And every taste is bound to be a success.


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