Three stars but not only. A restaurant, a beverage line, gastro-sandwiches... All the news about Ana Roš

The chef-owner of Hiša Franko in Slovenia, who has just received the highest recognition from Michelin, has many other exciting projects in the works, starting with a new restaurant that will open in a few days. Let's hear about them

A great period for chef Ana Roš. She has just ear

A great period for chef Ana Roš. She has just earned three stars for her flagship restaurant, Hiša Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia. But now, she also announces her new restaurant, and more...

Determined, creative, consistent, woman with a vision. That’s the image I have for chef Ana Roš Stojan and not because of any Michelin star recognition for hers and Hisa Franko team’s efforts but because of what she represents. She’s a leader and constantly pushes her boundaries, that’s a big deal you know, especially in the food business… Yesterday, the coveted Red Guide announced that Hiša Franko, her restaurant in Kobarid, “is worth a special trip”, briefly translated in “three stars”, the highest accolade for the restaurants included in the Michelin starry sky. Amazing news but there’s more: chef Ana is about to open a new restaurant in Ljubljana in a few days with a “young dining” concept (!), she’s launching a new series of beverages, and celebrates (on October 7th) the first birthday of Pekarna Ana, her special bakery, which is - as you might already have guessed - “not another bakery”.

«It’s time for us to start walking alone in a beautiful place in the heart of Ljubljana, so at the end of September, our pop up restaurant (“Ana in Slon”) is finally moving to a real place and we are really looking forward to it. The idea is to create an easy going place for celebrations or business lunch. Ιt’s not a bistro or a fine dining restaurant but a “young dining” one, - a special term I created to describe the concept- with high quality food, seasoned with extravagant flavor notes, filtered by young spirit. The restaurant will have an open kitchen and the menu will be based on seasonal sharing dishes, the wine list will have biodynamic but “classy” selections too, the cocktails and kombuchas will be created by Anja Skrbinek».

Ana in Slon, the pop-up that Ana Roš opened in Ljubljana last February, will transform into a permanent restaurant in the coming days with a new culinary concept. And it will be called Jaz

Ana in Slon, the pop-up that Ana Roš opened in Ljubljana last February, will transform into a permanent restaurant in the coming days with a new culinary concept. And it will be called Jaz

Regarding the name of the restaurant, "Jaz”, has a lot of interpretations: «In Slovenian, it means “me”, in English, Jaz is “the bringer of treasure” and fragrant flower. According to the numerology value 1, Jaz is action oriented, pioneer, natural leader, independent, strong willed, positive, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, brave and innovative. In Arabic, it’s translated as an independent, highly ambitious, creative and a bit self-centered person. All these are just “me”… We will also be gradually launching a new series of quality beverages made of natural ingredients,  in collaboration with Anja Skrbinek, who’s the beverage manager. The first sample of kombucha-based drinks are already served at Hiša Franko, and you can also find them in a small scale production of tins - for the moment - at Hiša Franko’s shop, and our bakery in Ljubljana. We have four flavors and four more pending, all made exclusively with natural ingredients. We would like to extend the availability in a global scale one day, but for now, we are taking baby steps towards to their introduction to the local market and a larger number of people».

Images of Pekarna Ana

Images of Pekarna Ana

«We are also launching our first line of gastro-sandwiches in Pekarna Ana, with quality meat cuts, selected vegetables, high mountain herbs and local kimchies. A tartelette with fig leaf powder, figs and almond, a special kind of cruffin, an excellent sourdough bread joining a range of at least 10 different ones, a focaccia with melting goat cheese and so on, are some of the bites you can have for breakfast or a quick high quality affordable lunch, with sips of kombucha beverages», Ana notes.

That’s a nice perspective of fine eating!

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