A strangely sweet couscous

Viviana Varese’s recipe closes the presentation of the dishes to be served on Monday September 15th

Viviana Varese, chef at Alice, the gourmet restaur

Viviana Varese, chef at Alice, the gourmet restaurant on the second floor of Eataly Milano Smeraldo, which opened last March 21st, illustrates the preparation of the last of the six dishes that will be the protagonists at Identità Cous Cous. Even the dessert will be based on the evening’s main ingredient next Monday: Couscous with mint and Tonka beans with beetroot earth, ricotta cream and strawberry grape sorbet

The first Tavole di Identità Golose event of the season is fast approaching. It will be entirely dedicated to couscous, in anticipation of the new edition of the Cous Cous Fest. Viviana Varese, besides hosting the event, will prepare a “strangely” sweet dish that will close the event: Couscous with mint and Tonka beans, with beetroot earth, ricotta cream and strawberry grape sorbet.

Identità Cous Cous will take place on Monday September 15 at 8 pm at Alice, Viviana Varese and Sandra Ciciriello’s restaurant on the second floor of Eataly Smeraldo, in Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan. In order to participate in the event: for info and reservations call Identità’s toll free number 800.825144 or Alice Ristorante +39.02.49497340, alice@aliceristorante.it. Set price, including drinks, 40 euros.

500 g strawberry grapes
150 g 50 b sorbet syrup
100 g beetroot centrifuge
100 g powdered milk
200 g sheep ricotta
50 g milk
100 g couscous
1 Tonka beans
50 g mint
30 g sugar
500 cl water
1 tray of shiso

For the sorbet
Centrifuge 500 g of strawberry grapes, add the syrup and put it into the ice cream machine.

For the ricotta cream
Put the ricotta, the milk and some lemon zest in a termomix and bring to 60°C. Cool down and keep refrigerated.

For the beetroot earth
Mix 100 g of centrifuge with the powdered milk, put it into a small casserole tin and continue to mix while bringing it to 110°C. Spread on a silpat sheet.

For the couscous infusion
Put the water, sugar, mint and grated Tonka beans in a casserole tin. Bring to the boil and cool down rapidly. Then centrifuge the cooked mint and add it back to the infusion. Cook the couscous fro 4 minutes and cool it down.

On the base of the dish put the ricotta cream, then the earth and the couscous and finally the sorbet and decorate with sakura.

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Viviana Varese


Viviana Varese