Christoph Lindpointner

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

When scrolling down Christoph Lindpointner’s curriculum, one is impressed by how articulated and colourful the experience of a pastry-chef can be, since in little over 10 years of professional career he has worked in 13 different establishments, moving between Austria, France and Germany, from Salzburg, his hometown, to St. Tropez, to Stuttgart, to Munich, breezing in 2 or 3-starred Michelin restaurant and high profile hotels.

A long ride, between 1992 and 2005, until Lindpointner was hired as pastry-chef at Ikarus, the restaurant inside the Red Bull Hangar-7, a decisively out-of-the-ordinary location designed by architect Volkmar Burgstaller and characterised by an unmistakable shape blendin modernity and pure technology thanks to its glass and steel structure, over 3,700 square metres, a place where technology communicates with entertainment, made also of art, mundane events and high quality cuisine.

In November 2010 Lindpointner started a new ambitious adventure, in the years of his professional maturity, as managing director of Dallmayr Pralinenmanufaktur in Munich, a historic brand founded in the 18th century in the Bavarian capital, specialised in chocolate, coffee and delicatessen in general, attracting over 1.4 million tourists every year, from all around the world.

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