Woodcock for 6 woodcocks

Mauro Uliassi


6 woodcock carcasses
12 slices of homemade bread

For the innards
the innards of 6 woodcocks (intestines and lungs, set the livers and hearts to one side)
fat duck liver
salt and pepper



Set some of the woodcock carcasses to one side to flavour the toast. Roast the carcasses and the heads (cook the heads very briefly). “Flambé” with cognac, add the water, cook and filter through a Chinoise sieve. Reduce and strengthen with a little thrush base. Toss the innards in the butter for 30 seconds. Add some cognac and the fat liver, cut into pieces. Mix well. Spread the mixture on the toast coated in oil. Cook the boned woodcock on the grill and then finish off in the oven with the heads. Cook the toast in the oven, soaked in innards, and place the woodcock on top. Serve with roast potatoes and grilled artichokes and cover with the cooking base.