Identità Expo

Activities, ideas and protagonists in Identità Golose's location inside the 2015 World Fair

Eyes locked on Dubai (and Astana)

As of yesterday, the Expo spotlight is set on the United Arab Emirates (2020) and Kazakhstan too (2017)


Now the Milanese edition has ended, we return on the rendering images of the future Expo: the World Fair in Dubai (20th October 2020-10th April 2021) aims for a total of 25 million visitors, an exhibition area of 438 hectares, a total daily capacity of 300K people and a daily flow of 153K visitors. Before that, we’ll have Expo 2017 in Astana, a sort of "mid-term fair" to occur in the capital of Kazakhstan, from 10th June till 10th September 2017

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Scabin: pasta is ready for everyone

The lesson held by the Piedmontese chef with Nicotra is a tasty and unconventional take on this ingredient


Fortunato Nicotra of Felidia and Davide Scabin of in Rivoli (Torino), the authors of a lesson focused on pasta: a soup with broken spaghetti for the Italian-American chef, two versions of precooked pasta (preserved in oil and in the pressure cooker) for the Piedmontese chef

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No other food before veg

A discussion with Oldani, Leemann and Moriarty: vegetarianism, a necessary choice for the future


Final photo of the participants in the round table organised by The Vegetarian Chance at Identità Expo S.Pellegrino. Left to right, Clement Vachon, Davide Oldani, Mark Moriarty, Carlo Modonesi, Pietro Leemann and the founder of The Vegetarian Chance, Gabriele Eschenazi

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Hurray for mother yeast!

The first meeting of Fdp, born from an idea of Renato Bosco, was a big success at Identità Expo


Group photo at the end of the first meeting of Figli di Pasta Madre, the association created by Renato Bosco, Matteo Carminucci, Samantha Verzini and Serena Stringher

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A totally veg day at Identità Expo

On Tuesday afternoon, a debate on vegetarianism with Oldani, Leemann and Moriarty. Then for dinner...


Pietro Leemann between Gabriele Eschenazi and Daniela Cicioni, vegan and raw diet chef. Leemann will be one of the protagonists of the debate with Davide Oldani and Marc Moriarty, on Tuesday afternoon at Identità Expo S.Pellegrino

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Niko Romito’s “Spatial” menu

The chef from Abruzzo brings the philosophy and dishes of Spazio, his format of accessible fine dining, to Identità Expo

13-09-2015 | 12:00

Niko Romito, chef and patron of restaurant Reale in Casadonna (Castel di Sangro, L'Aquila), 3 Michelin stars. In 2014 the chef from Abruzzo, born in 1974, launched Spazio, a format of sleek fine dining which can now count on three restaurants in Rivisondoli, Rome and Milan. The staff comes from Niko Romito Formazione, and will be the protagonist of the Identità Expo S.Pellegrino menu from Wednesday 16 till Sunday 20th September (75 euros including wines, for reservations: and +39.02.62012701). Photo Brambilla/Serrani

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Pasta with... Sicilian concentrate

Antonio Colombo and his recipe for Identità Expo: sea urchins, tenerumi, ricotta, candied lemon


Ogni riccio un capriccio, the dish presented at Identità di Pasta by Antonio Colombo

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