Pandoro Millefoglie

A recipe by Giovanni Giberti, chef at Pavè in Milan, using pandoro’s leftovers

Is the pandoro that has arrived to your home, what

Is the pandoro that has arrived to your home, what with one dinner and the other, really too much? Here’s the recipe created by Giovanni Giberti, head chef at Pavè (via Casati 27, tel. +39.02.94392259) for a refreshing and useful dessert

There are essentially two problems at Christmas: presents you need to recycle and loads of excessive panettone/ pandoro which you need to face. Since I don’t have a real recipe to help you recycle that silver key-ring from uncle Massimo, I would at least like to suggest a trick to give new life to a pandoro. A leavened product for the young and the old, pandoro is a cake that can be easily recuperated. Aesthetically, it is neuter and can be shaped, from an aromatic point of view, it can be paired with creams and mousses, so slices of this cake can be suitable as a life-jacket-recipe. Those who beg for pity in front of the nth load of calories after Christmas (the critical days are between December 26th and January 6th) will be very happy with your refreshing and well-mannered offer.

Pandoro millefoglie with whipped cream with green anise and lemon sauce

Recipe for 4 people


12 slices of pandoro, 1/2 cm thick

For the whipped cream with anise

220 g cream
300 g white chocolate
30 g glucose
5 g green anise
450 g cream

For the lemon sauce
200 gr lemon pulp with its zest
50 gr sugar
2 gr gelatine sheet

Despite his proud frown, Giovanni Giberti is as sweet as his desserts

Despite his proud frown, Giovanni Giberti is as sweet as his desserts


Soak the anise in the cream. Melt the chocolate and, in a separate bowl, soak the gelatine sheet in cold water. Warm the cream to 80 °C then strain it from the anise and add the squeezed gelatine sheet. Create an emulsion with the chocolate: it will be ready when it will look smooth and shiny. Gradually add the rest of the cream, mixing with a hand blender, and leave it to rest for at least 6 hours. When the cream is cold you can whip it slightly until you obtain an elastic, spumy and soft mixture. Most of the job is done, now you only need to do the bricolage work.

Cut the slices of pandoro into 5 x 8 cm rectangles. Roll them out with a rolling pin and place them on a baking tin. Toast them in the oven at 160 °C for at least 20 minutes, until they are nice and crispy. Well done. Now there’s only the final fresh touch. Melt the gelatine sheet in cold water, warm up the lemon and sugar adding the squeezed gelatine sheet. Mix all together, blend with a hand blender and leave to cool in the fridge. Put together the dessert on the plate, composing three layers of toasted pandoro with the mousse, added with a pastry bag with a smooth, not to fine tip.
Pavè’s panettone is one of the best in Milan

Pavè’s panettone is one of the best in Milan

Serve together with the famous lemon sauce. Smile and be proud of yourself: even this year you have found the way to give new life to a pandoro, make your friends happy, present a light and very fresh dish. Of course there are still those presents that need to be recycled but unfortunately, I still don’t know how to help you. In fact, I’ve been going around with my silver key-ring from uncle Mssimo for the past two years.

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