Bob Noto and Torino Buonissima

From the 25th to the 29th of October, Torino hosts the third edition of an event focused on the creativity and the memory of Bob Noto, to whom his wife Antonella dedicates a book

Torino Buonissima is back. Five days of events, having reached the third edition, from the 25th to the 29th of October, offering Torino the possibility to explore its soul, what with food and wine, art and beauty. We will be able to watch Massimiliano Alajmo, Ferran Adrià, Niko Romito, Virgilio Martinez, lots of Italy and the rest of the world. Starting with the 2023 edition of the Premio Bob Noto.

It all began with a bright idea from food journalists and critics Stefano Cavallito and Luca Iaccarino, as well as Matteo Baronetto, chef at Del Cambio, and the partnership with Lavazza. The first act starts on Wednesday 25th October, at Centrale Lavazza with the opening and the announcement of the winner of the Premio Bob Noto. Andoni Luis Aduriz and Massimiliano Alajmo will follow, this year the award is going to Renè Redzepi, nominated “most creative chef of the world”. He will be handed the award from Ferran Adrià and Antonella Fassio, the wife of the culinary critic after whom this award is named.

This will also offer the opportunity to present the book titled Bob Noto, supervised by Antonella Fassio and published by Maretti Editore. From this book, I drew my memory of Bob Noto. Only one comment: if there’s a person who lived his life in full colours, that’s Bob. A white cover with a black background doesn’t do him justice.


I have always adored those who don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to laugh at themselves, being aware of their knowledge. Bob Noto belonged to this category of people, which is never too crowded because it’s much easier to be serious and to believe you’re a genius than to live humbly without showing off all the time.

I don’t like writing in first person, but they asked me to remember the Bob Noto I met. It was in 1998 when in Torino they told me that Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto would welcome a section called “Salone del disgusto”. This struck me and I wanted to find out more and I phoned the Notos’ mechanical tool shop. I asked of Bob and a new world appeared in front of me because he talked of new products, of cooks and restaurants without relying on guides or following the most popular opinions. He spoke out of his experience and laughed and made striking jokes. Writing of his Salone was very easy, a stolen article.

The world I loved and that I still love the most was changing, and Bob was my guide. Back in the days it didn’t take much to pass as an expert: the Michelin guides in Europe, the Zagat guide in America, newspaper and magazine columns, the grandeur of the French cuisine and our osterie, our conviviality, a few notes here and there and most of the job was done. He was the first to finally open my eyes and direct my attention to the West, to Spain, but also to Val Susa, introducing me to Davide Scabin.

I was charmed by the photos Bob took with deep wisdom because they were an interpretation of his culture. Nothing was left to chance. It was an honour to open to him the pages of the Identità website and it was a huge surprise when I learnt he didn’t like writing. He expressed himself through images. One of his photos was worthy of a star, the sign that a specific chef had reached the laurels of fine dining.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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