Weal heart in blood with crisp pig's ear and pureé of artichoke and mashed lung served with truffle sugar jelly beans

Magnus Ek

For 4 peolpe

For the weal heart in blood
100 g weal heart
200 g blood
40 g flour
120 g Madeira wine
375 g butter (65°C hot)
8 g salt

For the crisp pig's ear
1 pig's ear
1 table spoon vinegar
water to boil in

For the pureé of artichoke and mashed lung
1 dl semolina porridge
1 dl mixed artichoke (cooked and peeled)
0.5 dl Madeira wine
0.5 pacojet yare of pig's lung
200 g butter (70°C hot)

For the sugar jellybean
100 g water
160 g sugar
150 g glucose
10 g salted
40 g cornstarch
truffle oil
10 g coconut oil
dried cornstarch

For the weal heart in blood
Put blood, flour, Madeira and salt in a blender mix. Heat up the butter to 65°C and pour down in the blender. Pour one cm bloodmix in a terrine, bake for 3 min on 95°C kombi oven. Lift out terrine and put in the weal heart in the mould. Add the remaining blood and bake in 95°C oven until the black pudding is 65°C. Cool in fridge and cut in pieces. Fry in frying pan.

For the crisp pig's ear
Boil the ear in water, salt and vinegar for 2 hours. Lifted up and cool. Slice in thin slices. Sprinkle out on a silicon mat and sprinkle over some sea salt. Bake on 180°C to golden brown and crispy.

For the pureé of artichoke and mashed lung
Frees pig lung in a pacojet yare. When frozen turn up. Put semolina porridge, mixed artichoke, Madeira wine and turned lung in a pot heat and assemble down the butter in the batter. Heat to approximately 60-70° C and mix with small hand mixer. Taste with salt.

For the sugar jellybean
Boil sugar, glucose and water to 112°C. Add the cornstarch and bait in it the sugar. Add some drops of truffle oil. Fill a container with cornstarch. Pre-make holes in the starch wide a mould. Pour sugar bather in the holes and finish wide powdered starch over the sugar bather. Dry over the night 60°C dry heat in oven. Lifted up and paint away cornstartch. Choop the truffle fine. Put in a bucket with coconut oil and the sugar jellybeans. Polish on low speed in a kitchen aid.