Head mackerel and ALL BEER AHEAD

Luigi Taglienti

For 4 people

Beer jelly
200 g of Moretti Baffo d’oro beer
3 Sechuan peppercorns
1.3 g of iota
1 cardamom seed

Veal head
160 g of shaved veal head
3 l of salted water (20 g of salt per litre)

1 medium sized mackerel
the juice of one lime


Beer jelly
Pour the beer into a deep pan and infuse with the spices. Heat to 70 °C and maintain this temperature for at least 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave to cool. After eliminating the spices, add the iota and heat to 68 °C. Leave to cool and obtain a fluid jelly.

Veal head
After removing any filaments from the head, soak in the cold water and cook slowly for at least 4 hours. Cool and set to one side in a vacuum bag.

After cleaning and filleting the mackerel, cut 4 even-sized steaks from it and leave them to marinate for a minute in the lemon juice.

Place the warm Moretti Baffo d’oro beer jelly in a bowl, lay the slice of boiled regenerated head on it, followed by the marinated mackerel and a few fresh coriander leaves. End with a drizzle of good veal juice and Ligurian extra virgin olive oil.