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Sardinian artichokes in terracotta with Savoy cabbage and bay leaves, unleavened spelt flour bread, Boscasso ricotta and orange Hollandaise sauce

Pietro Leemann

For 4 people

For the unleavened bread
100 g of sieved spelt flour
20 g fine maize flour
20 g of potato starch
5 g of extra virgin olive oil
1 g of cardamom
2 g of salt
60 g of water

For the artichokes
8 artichokes
4 bay leaves
200 g of Savoy cabbage
60 g of celeriac
40 g of olive oil
400 g of clay

For the orange Hollandaise sauce (without eggs)
40 g of American potato mash
40 g of mashed potato
20 g of seed oil
4 g of potato starch
20 g of scallion
40 g of white wine vinegar
50 g of water
40 g of orange juice
40 g of extra virgin olive oil

For the ricotta
100 g of fresh goat's cheese
100 g of cow's milk ricotta


For the unleavened bread
Knead the ingredients together, continuing for a while. Make 50 g balls, roll them out with a rolling pin and cook them immediately on a hot stone for 2 minutes.

For the brick
roll out the terracotta with a rolling pin, leaving to dry for 5 days in a well-ventilated place before using.

For the orange Hollandaise sauce without eggs
Bring the vinegar to the boil with the scallion and reduce to 10 g. Filter it and add it to the water. Bring to the boil, add the potatoes and the starch and blend with a hand blender to obtain a smooth consistency. Add the oil.

For the ricotta
Filter the ricotta and goat's cheese through a sieve. Season with salt and pepper, mix with a whisk, adding water to achieve a soft but not loose consistency.

Use a rolling pin to roll out the clay to a thickness of 2 cm, cut into 20 cm squares and press a cabbage leave onto each one. Leave to dry for 2 days in a ventilated place. Bake in the oven at 300 °C for 30 minutes.

For the artichokes
Clean the artichokes and cut them into wedges. Start by roasting them in a pan with a little oil for 8 minutes, then roast the cabbage leaves on a high heat without oil for 1 minute on each side. Make up the brick, positioning the cabbage leaf first, then the artichokes and the bay leaf. Fold it and bake in the oven at 20 °C for 8 minutes.

Spread the ricotta mixture on the unleavened bread, lay the artichokes and cabbage on it and top with the Hollandaise sauce and a twist of pepper.