Eating fish in Milan

We recommend ten trusted places where to taste the sea even on the banks of the Naviglio

'O puorp adda cocere inta'llacua soja: this is one

'O puorp adda cocere inta'llacua soja: this is one of the dishes that Viviana Varese serves in her Alice Ristorante. This is not just excellent but also so beautiful we chose it as the cover for Identità Golose’s list of the best places where to eat fish in Milan

With this new episode in our series on the best restaurants in Milan, we speak about fish. In Milan, so they say, the raw materials are always very fresh because Milan is one of the most important centres in the Italian fish market. This doesn’t mean however that it is that simple to eat a good fishmeal in the shade of the Madonnina. Our selection – without votes and in alphabetical order – will help you not to run aground in the shallows.

- Al Grissino, Via Giambattista Tiepolo, 54 (+39.02.730392)
A historical location in Milan. The management of brothers Caggianelli left the care in the selection of raw materials and the Mediterranean inspiration unchanged. Average price is 65€

[[ ima2 ]]- Alice - Eataly, Piazza XXV Aprile, 19 (+39.02.49497340)
No wonder the emblematic dish in Viviana Varese and Sandra Ciciriello’s restaurant is a stylised fish. The raw materials carefully selected by Sandra are enhanced by the creativity of Viviana. The restaurant is also one of the most beautiful in town. Average price is 90€

- A' Riccione, Via Torquato Taramelli, 70 (+39.02.683807) / Bistrot, Via Procaccini, 28 (+39.02.3451323)
Since 1955 this is the only restaurant in Milan serving only fish. After a period of diminished popularity, it recently changed management, adding a bistro too. Average price is 60€ (50€ at the bistro)

- Charmant, Via Giuseppe Colombo, 42 (+39.02.70100136)
In this restaurant in Città Studi, raw fish is probably the forte in the menu. The Apulian character of the Urso family, running the restaurant, can be clearly sensed in the dishes. Average price is 50€

[[ ima3 ]]- Da Giulia, Piazza Gramsci, 3 (+39.02.36512177)
Clear Sicilian influences can be found in this restaurant where the menu varies depending on what is available at the market. Excellent fresh egg pasta. In the warm months there’s a pleasant dehors in the square. Average price is 55€

- Fishbar de Milan, Via Montebello, 7 (+39.02.62087748)
Born with the consultancy of chef Eugenio Boer, this modern and elegant restaurant offers both quick dishes and more elaborate ones. Food has an international inspiration which makes it stand out above the average. Average price is 40€

- I Pesciolini, Corso di Porta Romana, 51 (+39.02.54100474) / Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 33 (same phone number)
Born as a fish shop, at lunchtime and in the evening it becomes a Bistro in which one can enjoy excellent raw fish and a few cooked dishes. A second location recently opened in the Navigli area. Average price is 40€

- Langosteria 10, Via Savona, 10 (+39.02.58111649) / Langosteria 10 Bistrot, Via Bobbio, 2 (+39.02.58107802)
One of the most renowned locations in town. Besides the more formal restaurant in Via Savona, the new-yorker-style Bistro is also beautiful. Here you can eat next to the very rich counter full of fresh raw fish. Average price is 100€ (65€ at the Bistro)
And from the 20th of May you can also visit the Langosteria Fish Bar: a temporary outdoor restaurant in the Art Garden of Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27. 

[[ ima4 ]]- Nassa Osteria di Mare, Via Donatello, 22 (+39.02.26684810)
This is one of the latest openings among fish restaurants in Milan yet it has already attracted many gourmands. The merit goes to the experienced selection of raw materials of patron Gabriele Tasinato and to the creativity of chef Maurizio Di Prima. Average price is 55€

- Officina del pesce, Via Varese, 14 (+39.02.62064325)
This fish shop, at lunchtime and in the evening serves raw, seasoned or marinated fish to a varied clientele. A laid-back restaurant profiting of the position in the very popular area of Brera. Average price is 35€

Langosteria 10 Bistrot

Langosteria 10 Bistrot

Nassa Osteria di Mare

Nassa Osteria di Mare

I Pesciolini in Porta Romana

I Pesciolini in Porta Romana

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