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The best international cuisine in town: the first episode with Europe and North and South America

Tapas, paella, fideua: these are some of the dish

Tapas, paella, fideua: these are some of the dishes offered by the spanish restaurant Llevataps. It's one of the ten we chose to showcase the international restaurants of Milan. In this first part we'll talk about those who are dedicated to European and American cuisines, next week we will focus instead on Asia and Africa

Our exploration and selection of Milan’s restaurants continues. International cuisine in Milan is certainly rather complex: in fact, we’ve already dedicated two recent episodes to Japan and China.

This week and the next we will focus on the “rest of the world", starting from Europe and South and North America. However, there are some excellent Argentinian restaurants you will not find here as we’ve already covered them in our article on meat restaurants in town.

- Albufera (Spain), Via Lecco, 15 (+39.02.36686993)
A small and cosy place dedicated to modern Spanish cuisine. Running the kitchen, there’s a Brazilian chef, in the dining room, an Italian girl, yet the menu is truly and genuinely Iberian, from the many tapas to paella. The average price is 35€

Björk, swedish brasserie

Björk, swedish brasserie

- Arepa'z (Venezuela), Viale Cassala, 9 (+39.02.36736703)
Arepa is a small focaccia made with corn flour. In this young and lively restaurant they offer it in many versions, with creative fillings, some linked to the raw materials of Venezuela, others decisively more Italian. The average price is 15€

- Björk (Sweden), Via Panfilo Castaldi, 20 (+39.02.49457424)
A Swedish restaurant and delicatessen, created by two Italians. The collaboration with the Accademia di Grythyttan, one of the most important institutions for this cuisine, is a guarantee of authenticity. The setting is modern and refined. The average price is 35€

- Esperides (Greece), Via Lulli, 28b (+39.02.26143634)
Anastassia Nastau created a small and familiar restaurant in which you can dive into the typical atmosphere of the Cyclades and find the most classic flavours in Greek cuisine. The setting is simple and laidback. The average price is 30€

- Lapa (Brazil), Via Carlo Goldoni, 3 (+39.02.799763)
Nothing to do with the often almost ridiculous interpretation of the Brazilian churrascaria: in this restaurant you can taste delicious specialties from Bahia, San Paolo and Minas Gerais. The average price is 35€

Brasilian restaurant Lapa

Brasilian restaurant Lapa

- Le vent du nord (Belgium), Via Sannio, 18 (+39.02.55189027)
The name of this lively brasserie is a quote from a song by Jacques Brel. The decor is inspired by the inside of a lighthouse. You can find beer and moules et frites, of course, but also carefully prepared meat. The average price is 30€

- Llevataps (Spain), Via Ariberto, 31 (+39.02.58101105)
An elegant and very well-finished setting characterises this restaurant dedicated to Spanish cuisine. The menu is varied and can satisfy both enthusiasts of classic recipes and those looking for something more original. The average price is 40€

- Al Mercato Taco Bar (Mexico), Via Casale, 5 (+39.02.36767328)
The last born out of the creativity of Eugenio Roncoroni and Beniamino Nespor, capable as few others of interpreting the world’s street food in a totally genuine way. The menu is simple and rich at the same time, including different tortillas filled with a selection of meat roasted in the wood oven. The average price is 35€

Le Vent du Nord's dining room

Le Vent du Nord's dining room

- Pacifico (Peru), Via della Moscova, 29 (+39.02.87244737)
A ceviche bar by Peruvian chef Jaime Pesaque, who after the success with Mayta in Lima today has restaurants in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Madrid. Recipes have a strong Japanese influence, the atmosphere is rather trendy and the service could improve. The average price is 40€

- Podkova (Russia), Via della Chiesa Rossa, 25 (+39.02.89515776)
Russian restaurant, far away from the more touristic areas in town, opened by the Blyznyuk family. Classic recipes are interpreted with care, and of course there is caviar: attention though, as it can have a significant impact on the bill. The average price is 40€

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