Dining between Garibaldi and Isola

12 (plus one) tasty places where to eat lovely food when strolling in Milan

Ratanà’s beautiful dehors, in the heart of the

Ratanà’s beautiful dehors, in the heart of the Isola neighbourhood, allows us to introduce our selection of the best restaurants in this fascinating area of Milan

While last week we presented a series of the best restaurants in one of the popular areas in Milan, Navigli, this week, for our selection of the best in the Milanese gastronomic scene we have used some more elastic borders. The trajectory of this delicious exploration starts in the centre, in Brera, Corso Garibaldi and Via Solferino. Following these roads we will then overtake the new Piazza Gae Aulenti to explore the Isola neighbourhood, for some years now a rather popular destination for nightlife and some good meals. Ready, steady, go!

- Anche Ristorante, Via Carmagnola, 5 (+39.331.8224002)
In this restaurant people don’t come just to dine: it is a cafe opened early in the morning, a cocktail bar open until late at night. And a modern trattoria where one can find elegant creative interpretations of Italian classics. The average price is 40€

- Casa Ramen, Via Porro Lambertenghi, 25 (+39.02.39444560)
A small restaurant in Isola serving what is considered by many the best and most authentic Ramen in town, prepared with fresh, handmade tagliolini and served in three versions: Soya, Miso e Veggie. Eat in or take away. The average price is 20€

- Daniel, Via Castelfidardo, 7 (+39.02.63793837)
After growing up as Gualtiero Marchesi’s pet, Daniel Canzian decided to challenge himself with this elegant place. Very eclectic and creative dishes come from the beautiful open view kitchen as well as perfectly prepared evergreen classics. The average price is 80€

- Dry, Via Solferino, 33 (tel. +39.02.63793414)
A trendy and always crowded place (opened by the founders of Pisacco, including Andrea Berton), it successfully established the pizza&cocktail format. Both house specialties are masterly prepared. The average price is 30€

Contemporary Minestrone by Daniel Canzian

Contemporary Minestrone by Daniel Canzian

- Fioraio Bianchi, Via Montebello, 7 (+39.02.29014390)
This cafe and bistro was born some ten years ago in what used to be a historic flower shop and partly maintained this activity, thus creating a very fascinating mix. The food is French-inspired and uses excellent raw materials. The average price is 60€

- La griglia di Varrone, Via Alessio di Toqueville, 7 (+39.02.36798388)
This restaurant from Lucca opened a branch in Milan too. The excellent Italian and imported meat is the focus of the culinary offer, both with regards to starters and main courses. The average price is 60€

- La Bottega del Vino, Piazza Lega Lombarda, 1 (+39.02.34936128)
The strongpoint of this place is certainly the cellar with over 500 labels. The culinary offer is also interesting, with dishes that aim at enhancing the excellent ingredients used. The average price is 50€

- La Libera, Via Palermo, 21 (+39.02.8053603)
This restaurant between Brera and Corso Garibaldi is a classic of the old Milan, as proven by the retro decor. Traditional dishes from Milan and Lombardy are the house specialty. The average price is 40€

Fioraio Bianchi

Fioraio Bianchi

- Latteria San Marco, Via San Marco, 24 (+39.02.6597653)
Another historic place in Milan: this old milk shop turned into a trattoria seats only a few people, with no reservations. Here one can taste the cooking of Arturo Maggi. The food is homely, just like every detail in this place. The average price is 40€

- Osteria Brunello, Corso Garibaldi, 117 (+39.02.6592973)
At the end of Corso Garibaldi this modern osteria offers dishes rooted in Italian tradition, though they are interpreted with a contemporary approach. The wine list is also remarkable. The average price is 45€

- Pisacco, Via Solferino, 48 (+39.02.91765472)
This bistro is decorated with a hyper-contemporary taste without feeling cold. The cooking is also modern, international, but with sound foundations made of Italian classics. The average price is 45€



- Ratanà, via de Castilla, 28 (+39.02.87128855)
Cesare Battisti is both a totally modern chef and a quaint host and this dualism can be noticed in the cuisine served at Ratanà. Tradition is presented with authenticity, but also interpreted with taste and elegance. The average price is 45€

Special guest: Eataly Smeraldo, Piazza XXV Aprile, 10 (+39.02.49497301)
Much has been said (and many different things too) about this Milanese branch of Farinetti’s chain. He filled a historic theatre in town, after a few years of crisis and following abandonment, with a shop ranging from fruits and vegetables to fish (offering one of the best selections in town) from fresh egg pasta to meat, to mozzarella produced on the spot. Besides starred Alice, it also hosts different themed restaurants (pasta&pizza, fish, meat, piadine, desserts...).

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