The real pizza in Milan

Our choice of the 12 places in town where you can eat the very best, between tradition and creativity

A pizza pulled out of the oven at Lievità, one of

A pizza pulled out of the oven at Lievità, one of the best new places in Milan

Until not too many years ago, Milan was no town for pizza. Today the scene has improved significantly. And while the arrival of some stars is awaited – such as Renato Bosco or Franco Pepe – you can already enjoy a nice choice of restaurants.

Alce Nero Berberé, Organic Pavilion inside the Biodiversity Park, Expo Milano
“The best pizza at Expo 2015” can be enjoyed inside the Organic Pavilion which unfortunately is a little isolated and marginal. Partners Berberé-Alce Nero are presenting it.

One of the pizzas at Alce Nero Berberé in a tweet by Paolo Marchi

One of the pizzas at Alce Nero Berberé in a tweet by Paolo Marchi

Am, Corso di Porta Romana 83 (tel. +39.02.5510579)
Pasquale Pometto chose to present selected pizzas. All the elements of a good place are here: a good selection of ingredients, an excellent dough, leavened for 48 hours in a natural way, a short menu, basically six classic versions.

Bacicha, Via Orti 31 (tel. +39.02.49538640)
A nice place, with the consultancy of Gianfranco Iervolino, one of the most appreciated “new pizzaioli” in Italy. Classic pizzas, a few more creative recipes, such as Croccopizza, with fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil, cooked ham, crocché and Grana Padano.

Ciripizza, Via Canonica 81, (tel. +39.02.36561221)
After a long period in the shade, the quality of the dough in this restaurant in Via Canonica is back to high standards. Try the pizza with courgette flowers, buffalo milk mozzarella and Parmesan.

Coke, Via Pavia 10 (tel. +39.02.8394886)
Durably considered one of the best in Milan, Coke’s pizza doesn’t follow Neapolitan tradition: the disc is round (larger than the dish), thin and well cooked, with lots of topping varieties and the guarantee of a final product that is always of excellent quality. Very easy to digest.

A pizza signed by Simone Lombardi at Dry

A pizza signed by Simone Lombardi at Dry

Dry, Via Solferino 33 (tel. +39.02.63793414)
Pizza&cocktail, two excellent excuses to choose this place surrounded by the new Milanese movida. Pizzas are slightly smaller than average, to allow the tasting of various recipes. The Calzone with braised endive, pine nuts, buffalo milk ricotta and raisins is excellent.

Giannino – Fresco & Cimmino, Via Vittor Pisani 6 (tel. +39.02.66986998)
Giuseppe Vesi, patron of Pizza Gourmet in Naples, signs this gourmet, organic pizza with selected and certified products. There’s a vegan pizza too, with soy mozzarella, yellow cherry tomatoes from Vesuvius, red onion from Tropea, taggiasche olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Giovy, Via Donatello 9 (tel. +39.02.29400884)
Once “I sapori di Giovy”. Pizzas and pasta are artisanal in a secluded restaurant with a retro and a little kitsch decor, with books, china and embroidered tablecloths. There’s also pizza to take away.

Lievità, Via Carlo Ravizza 11 (tel. +39.02.91328251)
It self proclaims it is a “Gourmet Pizzeria” and is already receiving excellent reviews. The pizza is creative, “Venetian style”: tasting slices with very rich toppings, yet the dough owes something to Neapolitan tradition too

Gino Sorbillo has arrived in Milan too, with his very central Lievito Madre

Gino Sorbillo has arrived in Milan too, with his very central Lievito Madre

Lievito Madre, Largo Corsia dei Servi 11 (tel. +39.02.45375930)
Gino Sorbillo is the only “big” from Naples to challenge Milan. A product by the book: only 400 pizzas every day – to guarantee high quality dough and leavening – with organic and whole-wheat flour.

Mics, Via Pietro Maroncelli 15 (tel. +39.02.36764500)
It offers Roman pizza in Milan: thin, crispy, light and easy to digest, with a dough low on yeast and left to rise for 24 hours. Small in size: you’ll find “pizzette” and small focaccias instead of pizza.

Pizza Big, Viale Brianza 30 (tel. +39.02.2846548)
A true classic in Milan, pizza in the style of Lombardy. The pizza is ultra-large and ultra-thin, the dough is almost neutral, the edge is slightly prominent, crispy, with high quality condiments. Try the pizza Milanese, with saffron.

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