Riccardo Agostini

Il Piastrino

via Parco Begni, 5
località Val Marecchia
Pennabilli (Rimini)
T. +39.0541.928106

As a kid, we wants to be a chef. Too bad he is living in Pennabilli, a small town hidden behind the hills between Romagna and Marche regions where, when you are lucky, you can even see the sea. It’s not possible to learn the cooking job here: he is too brilliant for it. That’s why soon after he’s off to the Adriatic Riviera, where he realizes he must learn how to cook and be aware of his land’s history and local products.

At the age of 20, he starts working by the side of Luigi Sartini, at that time one of the best local young chef, at the Taverna Righi in San Marino. Right after, he crosses his way with Gianfranco Vissani, a hard experience but extremely important for his career that starts as a stager and ends up, ten years later, as a second chef, just behind the maestro figure. A long-lasting experimentation that allows him to know deeply the restaurant industry and to revisit creatively all the different regional cuisines.

Vissani and Agostini are opposite characters, this is why they attract themselves. But now it’s time for Riccardo Agostini to fly with his own wings: Il Povero Diavolo (“the poor devil”) is a non-stop laboratory dominated by a pure energy that is typical romagnola: longing for renewal, built on great ingredients and based on the local lands.
Today Riccardo is finally back in Pennabilli: he has decided to build with his wife Claudia the restaurant Il Piastrino. The Vissani heritage is still strong but every food creation is astonishing: he knows very well how to manipulate meats, fishes, vegetables and fruits, exploiting his talent for food pairing and cooking. Every recipe becomes precious with a touch of aromatic misticanza, truffle, wild plum or leek. Great balance, fantasy, strength. A fine and light cuisine. Clever. And even affordable.

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Samuele Amadori

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