Yann Duytsche


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After finishing catering school, Yann Duytsche started working as a pastry-chef alongside some of the most famous French starred chefs, including Roger Vergé from Le Moulin de Mougins, who was then the prestigious holder of three Michelin stars, on the Cote d’Azur. Leaving the world of restaurants behind him, he set off to discover other sweet places: patisserie shops.

In 1992 he was in Barcelona by the side of Oriol Balaguer and in 1994 he worked with Daniel Giraud in Valenza. In 1995 came the decisive meeting with Frédéric Bau, charismatic Manager of the École du Grand Chocolat-Valrhona: after 6 years of intense working at the school, Yann took over the management of Valrhona’s training activities in Southern Europe, based in Barcelona. Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus, Japan and Israel are the countries in which Duytsche has performed his travelling teaching activity.

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