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Julia Scavo

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

L' Âne Rouge

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06300 Nizza


It’s the other half of the tastevin, that on which the fingers of Ebe are placed. Bubbles and nerves that have dramatically remained dry in the long story of international sommelier, despite the renown superiority of female noses and palates during the tasting of wine. If something is changing, the merit must be acknowledged as mostly belonging to Julia Scavo. This diaphanous girl of Romanian origins is putting the sector’s clichés aside.

Born in Craiova in a milieu full of stimuli (her father was an electro-physicist and a passionate researcher), Julia sided her brilliant engineering studies at the University of Lion, with her vocation for gastronomy, which started by devouring its cornerstones with the nose deep in the kitchen’s fumes. She could have not foreseen that her constant wandering around markets and vineyards in the hot spots of Bourgogne and Beaujolais, with thousands of notes in her notebooks, would be the prelude to a career that would lead her far away from applied sciences, one began under the decisive influence of Slow Food.

So she becomes an intern at the two-starred Auberge de l’Ile, then attends the University of Wine in Suze-la-Rousse, where she soon stands out thanks to her incredible sensitivity, before perfecting her skills with more courses and internships. In 2008 she already earns the silver medal in the Romanian sommellerie championships. It’s the very first time for a woman, and the first of a long series of excellent awards. In 2010 Julia is the semi-finalist in the world sommelier championships in Santiago, where she wins the Acqua Panna competition; in 2012 she triumphs at the Central European championships; in 2013 she comes fifth in the world competition in Tokyo and third in the European one in Sanremo. In her portfolio, however, there are also the Agecotel trophy in Nice and the Etoiles one in Mougins.

Even the personal life has now become wine-related, considering that during the 2009 Vinexpo she met Bruno Scavo, sommelier in Monte Carlo, now her husband and coach. “I’m a fighter, I love the fever of competition and barriers that need to be overcome”, she says commenting a totally atypical career that seems to be unstoppable.

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