Spaghetti Pizza Margherita

Davide Scabin

piatto simbolo di Identità Milano 2011
piatto simbolo di Identità Milano 2011


Black and white spaghetti
Date tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil


Cook the spaghetti until firm and cool to room temperature, taking care to space them well.
Alternate a string of black spaghetti and a string of white spaghetti on a sheet of acetate, joining them at the ends to make a 6 cm wide strip. Close each strip of pasta in vacuum bags and place to rest in the fridge.
Arrange the peeled date tomatoes, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar and cook in the oven at 160 °C for about 1 hour. When cooked, they must be soft and lightly toasted.
Prepare a fondue, adding cream and strings of burrata in a proportion of 50%.

Gently extract the pasta from the bag and place it in the serving plate. Lay the tomatoes on the spaghetti with pieces of anchovy and a basil leaf. Dress with the fondue.