Tecniche, ingredienti e iniziative della ristorazione attenta all'ambiente e agli ideali di Expo 2015, viste da Lisa Casali

The anti-waste law: what’s changing?

The new law, avantgarde in Europe, is effective. Lisa Casali explains how it works

20-09-2016 | 17:00

In an incredibly short lapse of time, the new Italian anti-waste law, avantgarde in Europe, has become effective. Lisa Casali explains to Identità Golose what it is and how it works. The illustration is by Lisa Casali

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Cook the Mountain for the future

Niederkofler summoned colleagues and experts to create a network of ideas... in the kitchen

15-09-2016 | 06:00

Five of the chefs who participated in Cook the Mountain a few days ago: Giorgio Ravelli, Rodolfo Guzman, Norbert Niederkofler, Ivan Milani and Giancarlo Morelli. Story (and photos) by Lisa Casali for Identità Golose

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Aliberti’s treasure hunt

5 dishes to make you fall in love with snails: here’s a new recipe under the #eatmoresnails hashtag

10-08-2016 | 06:00

As in a treasure hunt map, here’s a drawing explaining the dish that Franco Aliberti presents in the series of 5 recipes we’re dedicating to snails

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Earth Day 2016

We celebrate the day dedicated to our planet with an anti-waste challenge

22-04-2016 | 17:00

Yesterday was Earth Day 2016, the greatest environmental event on the planet. We can all contribute in our own small way and not only on this day (the photo is taken from “Inside chefs’ fridges, Europe”, Taschen with photos of Massimo Bottura, Hélène Darroze e Magnus Nilsson’s fridges)

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Ready for the international year of pulses?

Legumes will be promoted by the UN as the food of 2016. For many obvious reasons

02-02-2016 | 16:00
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Luck comes from food

Even during the Holidays, it is best to serve good, sustainable and auspicious ingredients


This week, Lisa Casali’s column is dedicated to the Holidays. And most of all to what will liven up our next meals, suggesting how to make aware and sustainable choices even on this occasion (all photos are by Vanessa Rees)

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Eating against the tide

Eating fish in a sustainable way, avoiding endangered species, is increasingly necessary


Due to illegal fishing and general overexploitation, there are various species that are seriously endangered. The new Fish Forward WWF campaign aims at making consumers more aware

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