World restaurants in Milan - 2

The best international cuisine in town: the second episode with Africa and Asia

The nice dining room in one of the brunches of res

The nice dining room in one of the brunches of restaurant Vietnamonamour (the one in Via Taramelli to be precise) is the cover of the second part of our series on the best food offered by international restaurants in Milan. After Europe and North and South America, here are Africa and Asia

After having selected the ten best international restaurants in Milan, dedicated to the food of Europe and North and South America last week, we once again cover the international cuisine offer in the city of the Expo 2015 and focus on the locations where you can find the culinary tradition of Africa and Asia (though for Japan and China you need to check the articles dedicated to each country).

- Artest (Thailand), Via Marsala, 13 (+39.02.6599454)
It is a small restaurant next to a shop selling Thai crafts, opened by an Italian couple in love with this country. The menu is small and pays great attention to vegetarian dishes. The average price is 20€

- Balafon (Mali), Via Teodosio, 6 (+39.02.2360155)
Historic African restaurant, opened almost 30 years ago: starting from Mali, where Awa Traorè was born, the food also includes specialties from most of the continent. There’s a good wine and beer list. The average price is 30€

The dining room of Thai restaurant Bussarakham

The dining room of Thai restaurant Bussarakham

- Bussarakham (Thailand), Via Valenza, 13 (+39.02.89422415)
This restaurant welcomes guests in a refined and inspiring setting. You can sit at a “western” table or at the low and traditional tables. There are 4 tasting menus. The average price is 50€

- Dawali (Lebanon), Via Corrado II il Salico, 10 (+39.02.84895668)
Lebanese cuisine is one of the most refined in the Middle East and this small restaurant presents a very faithful version, in a simple setting without any folkloristic furnishing. The average price is 30€

- Mido (Egypt), Via Pietro Custodi, 4 (+39.02.8375249)
Family run restaurant, where the setting is not particularly fascinating but you can taste the most classic Arab recipes prepared with care, with very competitive prices. They do not serve alcohol. The average price is 25€

A table full of Lebanese dishes at Dawali

A table full of Lebanese dishes at Dawali

- Sarla (India), Via Stampa, 4 (+39.02.89095538)
Shekhar Reikhi opened this restaurant behind Piazza Vetra, naming it after his mother. Soft lights and specialties from Northern India. Many recipes are vegetarian. The average price is 35€

- Serendib (Sri Lanka), Via Pontida, 2 (+39.02.6592139)
A sober and well-finished setting in this Singhalese restaurant. There are various set menus as well as an all you can eat offer for 23€. The service is precise and kind. The average price is 30€

- Taj Mahal (India), via Porro Lambertenghi 23, (+39.02.69000245)
The restaurant owned by Alessia Garibaldi, Qasim Shahzad and Lal Chand offers a satsfying cuisine from the punjabi tradition (Punjab is a region near Pakistan and it's crossed by 5 rivers flowing down from Himalayan mountains). Not spicy cuisine but with spices indeed, an element that helps health and fights the heat. The average is 35€

- Tara (India), Via Domenico Cirillo, 16 (+39.02.3451635)
In this small restaurant dedicated to Punjabi cuisine, there are not many vegetarian dishes but there are various preparations for celiacs. On Sundays they have a traditional buffet menu. The average price is 35€

Eritrean Zighinì at Warsà

Eritrean Zighinì at Warsà

- Vietnamonamour (Vietnam), Via Pestalozza, 7 (+39.02.70634614) / via Taramelli, 67 (+39.02.70634614)
Christiane Blanchet is charismatic host, full of energy. The success of this refined restaurant dedicated to the most genuine Vietnamese tradition has led to the opening of a new location. The average price is 45€

- Warsà (Eritrea), Via Melzo, 16 (+39.02.201673)
A very colourful restaurant where you can eat the specialties from Eritrean cuisine, especially the classic Zighinì, a single course available with meat, fish or vegetables. The average price is 30€


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