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Guida 2014 - Acquista ora
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Henderson, a lifetime achievement

British chef Fergus Henderson just won the Lifetime Achievement Award, ahead of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2014, taking place on the 28th of April at the London's Guildhalil. A meat maestro and founding partner of St. John, with several restaurants in London, Henderson has been awarded mainly because of the promotion of nose-to-tail cooking – the use of every part of the animal, which is now practised in many kitchens


Ninth Festival Loiseau at Belle Mare Plage

Ninth edition from 30th March, at Belle Mare Plage, a resort of Constance group on the island of Mauritius, of the Festival Culinaire Bernard Loiseau, ending Sunday 6th April. Six European young starred chefs and six young chefs of Constance group will cook divided into pairs, one cook from abroad one from here. In the jury, with madame Dominique Loiseau and chef Patrick Bertron, also Identità Golose with Paolo Marchi


Helena Rizzo best female chef 2014

Helena Rizzo, chef of Maní restaurant in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is the Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef 2014, according to the jury of World's 50Best Restaurant. Rizzo succeeds in the award to glorious colleagues such as Nadia Santini, Bask Elena Arzak and French Anne-Sophie Pic. The paulista chef will be awarded in London on next 28th April, the day when the 50 best restaurant's list will be officially announced


Berezutskiy best Russian young chef

It's Sergej Berezutskiy from Moscow the best young chef of the year 2014 in his country. The title, awarded today at restaurant White Rabbit in Moscow by an almost entirely Italian jury, will allow the cook to take part to the S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2014, scheduled in Venice for next June. Sergej is the twin brother of Ivan, already a name in the panorama of young and creative Russian cuisine


Nahm at the top of Asia

Bangkok's Nahm has been voted the best restaurant according to the S.Pellegrino Asia's World's 50 Best. The restaurant by chefs Thompson and Polsuk (recently seen at Identità Milano) ensues Tokyo's Narisawa, who ranked second this year. At the 3rd place, an Indian restaurant, Gaggan, based in Bangkok. Hong Kong's Amber ranked 4th and Tokyo's Ryugin 5th. With 17 restaurants out of the 50 China is the most represented country in the list


Bonci and Cuttaia ready for Omnivore

Paris, France, March 16-18th: the next edition of Omnivore, the "100% jeune cuisine" cooking congress, is ready to start at the Maison de la Mutualité, rue Saint Victor. In between the French chefs, both promising and already successful - from Piège to Toutain; from Pierre Gagnaire to Guillame Monjuré -  the schedule will include two Italians: Pino Cuttaia from Sicily and bread-and-pizza chef Gabriele Bonci from Rome


Italy-Thailand, a dinner at Trussardi

An important dinner will take place on Sunday February the 9th at Trussardi Alla Scala in Milan: resident chef Luigi Taglienti will host colleagues Dylan Jones and Bo Songvisava of Bo.lan restaurant in Bangkok, for a special meal organized together with Identità Golose. The tasting menu will include 6 dishes at the cost of 150 euro per person. For informations and bookings, alessandrolonghin-ext@trussardi.com, +39.366,6467249 


Ice-cream: France wins, Italy second

France has just won the sixth edition of Coppa del Mondo di Gelateria, Ice-cream world cup, at Sigep in Rimini. The team's subject, led by Elie Cazaussus and composed by Christophe Bouret, Benoit Lagache, Jean Christophe Vitte and Yazid Ichemrahen was about “Leonardo Da Vinci's universe”. Italy ranked second with Stefano Biasini, Massimo Carnio, Marco Martinelli e Luca Mazzotta. Poland ranked third


Luigi Nastri heads to Paris

Starting today, Luigi Nastri, always a chef of Settembrini in Rome, is the cook chief of Gazzetta restaurant in Paris. The former chef (and founder) Petter Nillson decided it was time to go back to Stockholm where his family lives. As Scatti di Gusto states, the Roman colony in Paris is now stronger than ever: after Giovanni Passerini at Rino, now it's time for Luigi Nastri


Eater's best restaurants 2013

Pakta in Barcelona, Amass and Bror in Copenaghen, Carbone and Mission Cantina in New York, Chengdu Taste in Los Angeles, Edwins in Cleveland, Saltimporten Canteen in Malmö. Sweden, Vin Papillon in Montreal (Canada). These are just a few of many restaurants quoted into the traditional Eater's survey. The renowned food online magazine asked the opinion to several important food journalists and experts


Gvci, Salicrù chef of the year

Ivan Icra Salicrù of restaurant Ronda in Dubai was nominated chef of the year by Gvci, Gruppo virtuale di cuochi italiani, an award estabilished to celebrate non Italian chefs cooking Italian cuisine abroad. Salicrù will receive a silver plate and will be invited to take part, next January the 17th, to the International Day of Italian Cuisines. The Italian dish they celebrate this year is Spaghetti with tomato and basil


AltoGusto at Tivoli in Cortina

Dolomiti mountains are hosting AltoGusto, a gastronomic tour dedicated to cucina d'autore in the best restaurants of the area, with menu inspired by the theme "Cinema in the kitchen". On Friday December 13th, you can have dinner at Tivoli in Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno) with chef Graziano Prest and Cantine Ferrari, together with an homage to actor Alberto SordiAltoGusto will proceed then with 6 more dinners


Happy birthday, Identità English

December 2nd 2012 – December 2nd 2013 – the English version of Identità Golose’s website turns one. During the past 365 days, Slawka G. Scarso’s team has translated as many as 410 articles in 28 sections, a great number of pieces to be added to the over 300 portraits of chefs and to the hundreds of recipes that have enriched the website from the start. This important project aims to increase the audience of enthusiasts far beyond the Italian borders


Casa Vicina's 10th anniversary

Tomorrow night, great dinner at Eataly Lingotto in Turin. They will celebrate the 10th year anniversary of restaurant Casa Vicina - Guido per Eataly, one Michelin star. Together with Claudio and Anna Vicina there will also be chef Peter Brunel. Dinner is 75 euro per person, wines included, 8 courses from Potato cooked in argyle together with rice stems and trout eggs to an Inusual panettone. For bookings +39.011.19506840


Bottura and the Operazione Parigi

It's called Operazione Parigi and it's a project that is "going to take Italian food culture to the gastronomic capital of the world", with lectures on excellence held at the Italian institute of culture taken by Massimo Bottura, the first promoter, together with 16 important colleagues: Uliassi, Cedroni, Esposito, Perbellini, Cuttaia, Sultano, Oldani, Romito, Alajmo, Cannavacciuolo, Cracco, Scabin, Beck, Crippa, Berton, Cerea and Niederklofer



Identità Golose 10 years (Video Brambilla - Serrani - Cicogna, duration 5'31")

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Alex Atala’s vocabulary

In the new book published by Phaidon, 65 recipes sum up the universe of the great chef from São Paulo

“D.O.M. Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients”, the volume published by Phaidon and written by chef Alex Atala from São Paulo (available on Amazon), 65 recipes exploring the potential of Brazilian ingredients such as tapioca, pupunha, priprioca, tucupi...

“D.O.M. Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients”, the volume published by Phaidon and written by chef Alex Atala from São Paulo (available on Amazon), 65 recipes exploring the potential of Brazilian ingredients such as tapioca, pupunha, priprioca, tucupi...

It’s called “D.O.M. Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients”, it is published by Phaidon and it is the new great editorial project by chef Alex Atala from São Paulo, who recently visited the Università di Scienze gastronomiche di Pollenzo (Cuneo) to present the content of his book to the Italian public.

The volume was born out of the idea of making the world understand how Brazilian cuisine is capable of going far beyond the concepts of churrasco and feijoada. In this book, throughout 65 recipes, the essence of ingredient that entirely produced in the largest country in South America is told. This represents the journey across high cuisine that Atala has been leading in his restaurant in São Paulo.

Ants and grapefruit, a great match according to the paulista chef

Ants and grapefruit, a great match according to the paulista chef

The 65 ingredients in the book are the protagonists of sweet and savoury recipes and almost all of them are wild: in other words, they grow naturally, and in many cases they are difficult to get. The most renown and easy to find is tapioca, but few people know pupunha (the heart of the palm, used as a vegetal paste), priprioca (a root used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and distilled by the chef to make it edible), tucupi (a wild manioca, used as a yellow liquid to acidify a dish, which is highly poisonous if you don’t boil it for at least 24 hours in order to make the cyanide evaporate), riso preto (black rice) or mini riso.
The latter, which is much different from its Italian relatives, was a true discovery for the chef: 9 years ago he decided to work around the elastic texture of this cereal, with some experimental preparations. Its flavour is very similar to that of Brazilian nuts and it also has a smoky note that comes out only after a long cooking in water. Today this Brazilian product is appreciated and renowned beyond high cuisine.

You can enjoy it at restaurant D.O.M. which in 2014 will celebrate 15 years of activity: Atala started in 1999 with a team of 40 people that served 5 thousand guests each month. Today the staff has doubled yet serves a fifth (1.000) of the initial clients. Among the words the chef said in Pollenzo: «Cooking is transforming the ingredients into food and creativity, it is doing what everyone does, but in a surprising way». His daily objective? «To give pleasure». While «My cuisine is no alchemy nor chemistry but a precise science to be reproduced and told with precision».

Alex Atala and Carlo Petrini at the Pollenzo meeting, last December

Alex Atala and Carlo Petrini at the Pollenzo meeting, last December

Italy has a place in the heart of the chef from São Paulo: «From Salone del Gusto to Identità Golose» (Carlo Petrini and Paolo Marchi were among the first to sense Atala’s talent, Editor’s note) to the theme of Expo 2015, “Feeding the Planet”, came the inspiration to speak about his now famous Amazonian ants: «While honey is bees’ vomit», he explained, «and milk is a secretion produced by cows, I don’t understand why we shouldn’t also eat the citronella or ginger notes that small insects release, which also have a high protein value. For instance, in a fantastic match with pineapple. You only need to overcome the psychological obstacle that precedes the tasting». Word of Atala.

Cinzia Benzi

Laureata in psicologia, è stata rapita dalla galassia di Identità Golose. Se lo studio del vino è la sua vita, la vocazione di buongustaia è una scoperta in evoluzione

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