Elements: earth, oil, safffron and chocolate

Gianluca Fusto

Structure of the composition
saffron jelly sauce
olive oil apples
oil in gelatine
chocolate éclats
oil and saffron water-ice
sesame crunch
Orizaba cream 39%
chocolate decoration

Saffron jelly sauce
75 g of fresh orange juice
150 g of water
30 g of sugar
3 g of NH pectin
0.25 g of saffron pistils
3.5 g of gelatine sheets

Olive oil apples

1 kg of Golden Delicious apples
85 g of sugar
100 g of water
5 g of Infersa salt
80 g of Tenuta Rocchetta extra virgin olive oil
½ vanilla pod

Oil in gelatine
360 g of apple cooking juices
0.3 g of soya lecithin
4.5 g of gel espessa

Vegetable gelatine
500 g of water
45 g of vegetable gelatine

Chocolate éclats
200 g of Valrhona éclats
200 g of syrup 39 °Bé
40 g of cocoa

Oil and saffron water-ice
300 g of fresh orange juice
375 g of water
35 g of glucose
35 g of sugar
the zest of 2 oranges
1 g of Sardinian saffron pistils
68 g of Tenuta Rocchetta extra virgin olive oil
3 g of gelatine

Sesame crunch

130 g of sugar
2.5 g of NH pectin
125 g of butter
50 g of glucose
100 g of golden sesame
50 g of black sesame
10 g of mineral water

Orizaba cream 39%
200 g of whole milk
10 g of glucose
4 g of gelatine
400 g of liquid cream 35% fat
320 g of Orizaba 39% coating
20 g of cocoa butter


Saffron jelly sauce
Rehydrate the gelatine in cold water and squeeze. Mix the water with the freshly squeezed orange juice and heat everything slightly. Add the pectin mixed with the sugar and the gelatine, bring to the boil and pour. Incorporate the saffron pistils to 30 °C and store in the fridge.

Olive oil apples
Make a syrup with water, sugar, vanilla and salt. Add the extra virgin olive oil. Add the apple cut into tubes and marinate for at least 2 hours, or overnight if possible. Bake in the oven at 160 °C for 10/15 minutes.

Vegetable gelatine
In a cone-shaped container, separate the fatty part of the apple cooking juices. Pour the oil obtained in a measuring jug and add the lecithin, stirring briefly. Add the watery part a little at a time, paying attention to bubbles, until you obtain a smooth, shiny consistency. Incorporate the gel espessa and place everything in a spherical mould to freeze

Bring the water to the boil with the vegetable gelatine and cool to 55 °C.
Dip the frozen half-spheres 3 times, then place in the fridge to solidify.

Chocolate éclats
Add the cocoa to the warm syrup. Incorporate the éclats. Dry in the oven at 10 °C for at least 2 hours. Store in a thermal box in a dry place.

Oil and saffron water-ice
Heat the water and sugars; add the previously softened and squeezed gelatine. Pour in the fresh orange juice and add the saffron. Add the orange zest. Pour into a plastic container and freeze.
Mix the water-ice in the blender together with the oil and place it in a rectangular mould measuring 15x15x2 cm. Cut into parallelepipeds measuring 2x2x5.5 cm. Store in the freezer.

Sesame crunch
Melt the butter and add the glucose with the water. Incorporate the sugar mixture and pectin. Cook over a low heat without mixing too much, add the sesame and spread the crunch on silicone sheets. Bake at 190/200 °C in a fan oven. Place a third of the mass in a mould, cutting 1.5 cm strips and frame them with stainless steel squares (ref. 5708) to arrange the water-ice.

Trick: this mixture can be stored raw in the freezer and cooked when needed for decoration.

Orizaba cream 39%
Melt the coating with the cocoa butter at 40/45 °C. Bring the milk to the boil with the glucose and add the previously rehydrated and squeezed gelatine. Pour a little at a time over the melted coating, to obtain a supple, shiny consistency. Mix to perfect this structure. Pour and mix in the cold liquid cream. Leave overnight to crystallise in a container in the fridge.

Use an icing bag and a 12-mm diameter smooth nozzle to "dress" five Orizba cream tufts in the middle of the plate. Place a square of oil in gelatine at the top and lay a piece of oil apple next to it. Add a 7x2 cm rectangle along the top of the central tuft, with the chocolate decoration at the side. Finish with a gold leaf and the chocolate round, pushed in on a slant. Using an icing bag add points of saffron jelly sauce, then a cub of saffron water-ice and the chocolate éclat