Cocoa and camphor explosion

Franco Aliberti

Whipped camphor jelly
500 g of water
50 g of sugar
25 g of fresh mint leaves
8 g of gelatine sheets

Explosive heart: Cocoa capsules
300 g of water
110 g of sugar
8 g of potato starch
50 g of cocoa

Milk chocolate icing
200 g of milk chocolate
200 g of cocoa butter


Whipped camphor jelly
Bring the water and sugar to the boil, while taking the camphor leaves and washing them. When the syrup is at 30 °C, add the leaves and leave in infusion for 12 hours. Filter, heat to 35 °C and add the previously soaked gelatine. Leave to cool in the fridge and whip the ice-cream only when it is time to ice.

Explosive heart: Cocoa capsules
Combine the sugar, starch and cocoa and mix with the water. Bring everything to the boil and freeze in special moulds.

Milk chocolate icing
Melt the cocoa butter and add it to the milk chocolate. Use the chocolate icing at about 31 °C.

Dip the cocoa capsule in the whipped camphor jelly. Apply nitrogen and finish with the chocolate icing at a temperature of about 31 °C.
Leave to defrost in the fridge.