Prospettiva 2015

A photo to begin the New Year with all the enthusiasm and energy it deserves

Here we are, once again, closed between the year ending and the one coming. We ask ourselves «What will 2015 be like?». Hoping it will be fantastic, unique, better than 2014. For us in Italy (and Milan) it will be the season of Expo. A season rich in novelties, one of a kind. An event which we will face with enthusiasm, following an unknown and thus thrilling path.

Just like last year, this year we have also chosen not to depict food. This photo illustrates a landscape, a transit, a new and unknown path. It is a photo that gives emotions, makes the mind run wild, and leads into a dream. After all, looking at the approaching future is always better than tying yourself to a memory.


Emotional itineraries in the food planet, with unusual visions of unmissable details


Francesca Brambilla e Serena Serrani

Food photographers working together since 2007

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