Identità Giovani - Davide Del Duca

19-05-2015 | 04:00 PM


Thanks to the Identità Milano congress, the other congresses around the world, the website and the restaurant guide, Identità Golose has always aimed at enhancing the new players in Italian cuisine, giving space to the most promising young chefs. It necessarily had to be so, since it has always focused on the valorisation of creative cuisine. Therefore, a new format will debut at Identità Expo called Identità Giovani, a series dedicated to young talents in Italian cuisine.

This week the stage is totally dedicated to Davide Del Duca, born in 1982 in Pontecorvo, Frosinone. He’s the chef at osteria Fernanda in Rome and stood out thanks to his talent... and his amatriciana. This is how he describes himself on his website: "He is capable of preparing ravioli with liquid egg yolk and asparagus, raw meat and parmesan in a 22 square metres kitchen, without ever losing his enthusiasm. He worked in hotel restaurants and starred kitchens, yet he has always dreamt of opening a bistro. His restaurant philosophy is offering a creative cuisine that can be accessible to all. He knows French high cuisine, tests himself with foie gras, yet he is also famous far beyond the town’s borders for his bucatini all’amatriciana. Sometimes he asks his sous chef for a hammer for cloves".