Emanuele Scarello's Menu

23-05-2015 | 19:30 e 21:00


Emanuele Scarello, of restaurant Agli Amici in Udine, will be this week’s protagonist of the “Italian & International Best Chefs” format with the best chefs cooking at Identità Expo.

Born in 1970, Scarello comes from a family that started to run the restaurant in 1887, a story, therefore, that goes across 3 centuries and 5 generations. However, he took the decision of transforming the nature of Agli Amici from a simple restaurant for banqueting into one of the most illustrious gourmet restaurants in Italy. «It was hard at first. We lost the clients who wanted our usual food», but then the praise of critics and public arrived, and a Michelin star in 1999.

His cuisine focuses on ingredients and raw materials that are never too far from Friuli’s basin: «Who cares about crayfish and lobster if I can get this turbot from the Adriatic sea?». How can we blame him?