Paolo Brunelli

credits: Brambilla - Serrani

credits: Brambilla - Serrani

Gelateria-cioccolateria Brunelli

via Carducci, 7
Senigallia (An)
t: +39.071.60422

Paolo Brunelli, from the Marche, created his wine-chocolate-ice-cream shop in the historic centre of Agugliano in the province of Ancona. Here he’s sown ideas and delicious products, including an event such as the Festival del Gelato Artigianale, and then doubled in the summer of 2015 with a gastro-ice-cream shop in Senigallia. From the hills he moved by the sea, that is to say.

Yet this person who has been changing the DNA of ice cream had a very different beginning: «When you’re born into a family of restaurateurs, your future seems already defined. The road seems already levelled, choices are almost obliged. You know you’ll have a life similar to your mother’s. I was young when I thought my destiny would be in restaurants and hospitality. Having a restaurant and a hotel means running two businesses at the same time, means having twice the responsibilities, means considering close yet different goals. My teen age years and early adulthood was thus spent among attempts».

Brunelli is today an ice cream maker but he was hardly so yesterday: «The restlessness of those years, always struggling among new “attempts ", was luckily shaped by my passion for music, a great love I tried to transform into a profession since some of my skills were acknowledged. The experience in recording studios, the meeting with real music experts, and an increasingly wide knowledge of the musical scene certainly contributed in creating that inner harmony which at times managed to fight the personal impatience I still have to deal with. There were moments when I told myself music was enough, others when it wasn’t at all enough to answer my many questions. I needed to create a space of my own».

The mission was successfully accomplished: «I approached ice creams with a profound respect because ice creams are for everyone. They don’t make any distinctions, they don’t look at a person’s age, everyone can afford them. And being so popular it is also strongly judged and compared. I certainly didn’t have the knowledge that would lead me to create an excellent product and this is why I took every chance to meet those who had a greater knowledge than me».

Today Brunelli is a master in his own right. He’s written a book, Avanguardia Gelato, that is also a milestone. He livens up a group of real ice cream makers.

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