Giulia Liu




8, corso Concordia
20129 - Milan


Giulia Liu is the founder and owner of Gong Oriental Attitude. Born in 1984 in China, in Wenzhou, in the region of Zhejiang, after spending many years in Emilia Romagna, she moved to Milan where her parents opened the first restaurant in Milan that gives a new take to the Chinese tradition of dim sum using the finest ingredients. Since then, she's been in love with Milan as much as ever.

In 2015, with her husband Lorenzo, she opened restaurant Gong and the success was immediate. Today Giulia runs with passion a team of 35 people who work in unison to present a hard-to-forget gastronomic experience.

Her goal? «To create a bridge between the East and West, a journey that starts from oriental inspirations to look at fine dining in the greatest countries in Europe and in the world. Eating at our restaurant is not just an act of taste, but also of cultural curiosity for the ancient oriental traditions which we adapt for contemporary palates».

Charming atmosphere, from the moment you walk in the restaurant, with lots of backlit onyx gongs that make the setting precious, like giant moons ready to light when night comes.

Tradition is represented by the perfect dim sum, with hand rolled pastry and the rice fried with skill in the wok. Evolution applied to ancient recipes can be found in the Peking Duck in three services, just like at the court of Chinese emperors. There's also a specific menu dedicated to innovation, with seasonal recipes and plenty of creativity.

Lots of attention is paid to the aesthetics of the dish, following the advice of Giulia who has a gift for aesthetics. The presentation of each dish is elegant and essential. The result recalls the purity of the flavours in the dish: every element of the recipe plays its part in the balance of flavours, with no space for frills.

Always beside Giulia, there are her loyal collaborators Massimo Francescato, soul of the dining room, chefs Guglielmo Paolucci and Zuo Cuibig and pastry chef Paolo Sistu, because it's people, above all, who make the experience at Gong's an immersion in a magical world.

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